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18 Jun 2020

This week in Year 6, we have been talking about Racism; what to do when we are faced with people who use racist language and how we can safely educate them to understand why it is wrong.

First we watched the Newsround special on Racism.

We then discussed what we might do if one of our new friends at secondary school used racist language.

We agreed that we would definitely tell a teacher or other adult about it. We also agreed that we should walk away if they continued to use that language or if they became agressive.

One thing we discussed was whether we should say something to the person who was using racist language. After discussion, we agreed that we would: the person using the language might just be repeating what they have heard elsewhere and might not realise how offensive it is.

We agreed that if we don't stand up and say, "that is racist language", the person might continue to use it. If we stand up and say it is wrong, then others around us will know that we will not tolerate racism.

Our steps for dealing with racism?

1. Call it out (confront someone about their racism at the time it happens)
2. Walk away
3. Tell someone

Next week, we are going to discuss privilege.

Listen to Professor Kehinde Andrews, Professor of Black Studies in the School of Social Sciences at Birmingham City University explain what the term means.


Young people on Newsround explain what privilege means to them.
This page has lots of great information and videos to explain what privilege means to different people.

You can join in with our discussions by watching the video and then commenting below.

Let's keep talking, discussing and asking questions - it is the only way we can move forward together; by educating ourselves!

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