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Homework 6th July

06 Jul 2018

Homework - Friday 6th July
(To be handed in Thursday 12th July)
Write a scene for a leavers play. You can either write an extra scene for ‘Halfway There’. This could include life after Manny and Gekko.
Write you own scene for a new play. This could be the opening scene.


(lights come up on stage to reveal Henry, Cian and Hilary)

Stressed Out by 21 Pilots starts to play. Characters are walking around the stage showing that they are tense and stressed. They are holding large books and frantically scanning through the pages.

(Around the 30 seconds mark the music is faded)

Henry - When is this going to end? Months and months of revision and I’m still not ready for the tests.

Cian - I feel less prepared now than I did at the start of the year!
Hilary - This is so typical of you two, never concerned, never concentrating until of course it’s too late.
(Cian and Henry exit the stage ignoring Hilary. Hilary continues to speak facing the audience and has not noticed she’s been left alone).
Hilary - I’m actually so well prepared I’m looking beyond next week and thinking about our leavers disco. What I’m going to wear, who I’ll dance with. I think it will be one of the best nights of our ……

(Hilary realises she’s been left and runs off the stage)

Hilary – guys wait!
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