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Ancient Greeks Go Digital

16 Oct 2019

If you are interested in furthering your own learning in preparation for next half term, why not have a go at tinkering with Python coding?

1. Try one of the following text-based adventure games - how far can you go?
  • The matter of the monster
  • Zork
    Are you able to map out the 'rooms' for either game?

2. Go to trinket.io and experiment with the coding we have already looked at:

for i in [“red”,”green”,”blue”]:
  print “I like the colour”,i

for i in range(10):
  print "2 to the power",i," = ",2**i

for i in range(10):
print "7 x ",i," = ",7*i

for i in range(10):
  print i,"x",i," = ",i*i

3. Research a Greek Myth and see if you can map out the story as an adventure game. What 'rooms' could you have? What type of decisions would your gamer be making?

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