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Year 6 HEROES in action

29 Jun 2015

All of Year 6 have completed their Young Leaders award and are now able to be a Play Leader at Handsworth for 2015/2016.  After 4 long sessions, they planned, organised and delivered an activity for a group of Year 4's.  They were fantastic in following the STEP method and remembering the key concepts of being a Leader.

Can you remember what any of these are and list them in the comment box below?




We have been reading Odyssesus in Year 6 and the children have been very thoughtful in their questioning and answering.  We have developed playscripts, dramas, poems and soundscapes to help us learn about the story.

What has been your favourite activity and why?  How did it help with your learning?

6RT have a love of reading that their teachers are very proud of them for. Here they are in small groups reading together.



In maths we looked at combining decimals to make 10.  Each learner was given a decimal number, that when paired with another learners number, made 10.

Who was your partner and what decimals added together to make 10?  Can you think of other pairings using two or three decimal places? e.g 4.97 + 5.03, 3.865 + 6.135.


                                                                4.3 and 5.7 made 10 - Correct!

Lately we produced our own List Poem and Soundscape from the sixth chapter of Odysseus.  The children made the poem themselves, each table choosing a sound, developing a sentence and improving it.  Here is our final poem.

Soundscape to come......it is amazing!!!!


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It's fantastic to see how you are already meeting the challenges in Year 6. Well done to you all! I look forward to seeing you leading the school throughout the year.
Ms Heather Soar - 24 Sep 2015 - 23:30
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