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Micro organisms

05 Dec 2019

This week, Year 6 set up an experiment to find out: What happens to food as it decays.

Before we set up our investgation, there were many things we needed to consider.
We then wrote out our plan so that we knew exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. Scroll down to find out what we discussed before setting up the experiment.

We discussed:
  • What I want to find out (investigation)
  • What I think will happen (prediction)
  • How can I make my test fair (fair test)
  • What will I keep the same (constants)
  • What will I change (variables)
  • What will I need (equipment)
  • What steps I need to take (method)
  • How will I record what happens (results)
  • Should I use pictures (diagrams and charts)
  • What I found out (conclusion)
  • What I might do differently next time (evaluation)
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