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09 Sep 2020






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Week three - a round up

24 Apr 2020

Before we begin our round up of Week three of the Lockdown term, here are a couple of video messages from people who are really missing you all!

Great to 'see' you!
It's been so lovely seeing you all during our live Zoom Maths lessons. We've loved catching up and actually speaking to you!

If you haven't managed to join us for one of these lessons, don't worry, we'll be continuing with them during the lockdown. If it is a technical issue, please email the office and let them know: school@handsworth.waltham.sch.uk.

Weekly catch-up
We have also introduced a weekly 'Class Catch-Up' Zoom session. Details of how to join the meeting can be found on this page. This isn't a lesson, just a chance to find out how everyone is doing. The first one was lovely today! 

What should you be doing during lockdown?
We wanted to remind you about the resources out there and the expectations for Year 6 pupils.

The list of daily tasks below should take between 4-6 hours to complete, but please note that you do not have to complete these - they are just suggestions to help you structure your day.

We know that lots of you are developing other skills such as baking, making, building and exercising, but remember that your brain is like a muscle – you need to exercise it to help it grow and get stronger.

Suggested daily tasks
  • Daily exercise: Complete at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. This could be with Joe Wicks at 9am or a walk or bike ride with your family at another time of the day.
  • English: A daily task will be uploaded to the website, which should take between 20-30 minutes to complete. If it is taking you less time, you need to think about adding more detail, editing and proof reading your work.
  • Maths: We will host live lessons via Zoom four days a week (not on alternate Mondays and Thursdays) and a daily task will be uploaded to the website (20-30 minute).
  • Comprehension: Complete half an hour of tasks on readtheory.org. If one task takes you half an hour, just do one. If you can complete more in this time, then do.
  • Reading: Read your book for an hour each day. audible.co.uk are offering a free 30 day trial, so you could alternate reading a book with listening to a book.
  • Spellings: Revise your weekly spellings for at least ten minutes each day. Writing sentences is a good way to practise and memorise them.
  • Languages: Spend half an hour on duolingo.com learning your language of choice.
  • Projects: You have three projects to complete (Science, Topic and Art) by Friday 1st May. Spend an hour or two on your projects daily.
And remember: although we love to see the work you are completing, if you forget to upload work, please don’t worry about it!

Need more of a challenge?

If you want further challenges, we suggest incorporating the following into your week:
We wanted to finish by saying how proud we are of all of you. We can see that you are rising to the challenge of remaining at home and keeping yourselves active and challenged.

As always, stay safe, be kind to others and look after yourself!

Mrs Glanvill, Mr Mussell, Mrs McDermott and Mrs Gobey

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How do we upload the video for the computing project?
Mrs Samantha Farnell - 28 Apr 2020 - 08:59
I've just created a page on the Homework tab to upload your projects. You can also email them to the school - details are on the page.
Ms Jonaki Glanvill - 28 Apr 2020 - 10:02
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