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Governing Body Meeting Dates

Tuesday, 8.00am
Teaching & Learning
Thursday, 8.00am
11th October 2019 (Friday)
10th October 2019
19th November 2019
21st November 2019
14th January 2020
16th January 2020
3rd March 2020
5th March 2020
5th May 2020
7th May 2020
30th June 2020
2nd July 2020
Full Governing Body Meetings
Tuesday, 6.45pm
10th September 2019
10th December 2019
24th March 2020
12th May 2020 Budget setting / ratification
14th July 2020

Resources Committee Membership


Teaching & Learning Committee Membership

Claire Nairne
Liz Winder (Chair)
Katherine Bromley (Vice Chair)
Mary Wilson
Stacey Dobbs
Richard Trainor

Claire Nairne
Gabriel Gottlieb (Chair)
Rob Tromans
Alina Harris
Anna Devereux Murray (Vice Chair)
Jenny Smith


Link Governors


Gabriel Gottlieb

Creative Curriculum 

Katherine Bromley

Health and Safety

Rob Tromans

Sport including PE and Nutrition

Liz Winder Philosophy for Children
Spiritual, Social, Moral & Cultural Education

Alina Harris


Simon Jarvis


Mary Wilson

Pupil Premium

Anna Devereux Murray

Mental Heath and Emotional Wellbeing

Jenny Smith
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (including SEND)
Richard Trainor
Communication and Engagement

Stacey Dobbs


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