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How it feels to be a tree - P4C

02 Dec 2016

As it is National Tree Week, 6RT thought about what it feels like to be a tree in a P4C lesson.  After a quick thoughts session, each child wrote their own short paragraph.

Responses included being clever due to their age, strong, stuck, bored, happy to play a part in people's lives amongst many others.  I am sure you'll agree that there are some very insightful and thoughtful responses.

Here are a select few...




I would be wanting to travel the world.  To see all different places that the humans go.  As they would walk beneath me, I would reach to follow them, unable to move.  Stuck.  As the winds blow, all around me have protection, except for me, loosing my leaves that I have loved, they were my life long friends.  All day I see friends suffering; being climbed on, being broken.

As the summer arrives, the gleaming sun warms my inside.  Then the crowds come.  Clambering, fighting to get to the top of my branches.  But every day I keep hold of one thing, Hope.  Hope that one day, I will live in peace.

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