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P.E. Balloon Volleyball

22 May 2016

When it is a rainy day we take our P.E. lessons inside.

We played 'SITTING

At first we had to sort ourselves into small groups. 

After this Miss Jordaan handed out the balloons. We were allowed to 'play around' with the balloons first.

We made up the rules for balloon volleyball ourselves.  

First you have to sit in a circle. You should sit down flat on your bottom. The aim of the game is to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible. You can hit the balloon to anybody in the circle. You are even allowed to hit the balloon more than once. It did get a bit tricky when the balloon was hit behind us. We then had to stretch to be able to hit the balloon. 

This lesson was so much fun!!!
Just have a look at Kristina and Leo's faces...

Look at the concentration on Ferne and Niamh's faces.
This balloon did not have so much air in it so it was more difficult to keep it in the air. 
 Some of us were very tempted to play the balloon whilst we were on our knees.


This group (Eden, Buba and Jacob) kept the balloon in the air the longest but they had to be stopped at 200 hits because we ran out of time. 

For the assessment at the end of the lesson we've decided that this lesson was very good for teamwork, hand-eye-co-ordination, turn taking, timing, concentration, enjoyment, decision making, patience and balance.

Next time we are going to try and play Sitting Balloon VolleyBall where 2 teams will take part against each other. There will be a bench (pretending to be a net) between the 2 teams. We can't wait for another rainy day!

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