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Spellings Autumn 1
11 Sep 2020






Spellings Autumn 1

11 Sep 2020

  -Autumn 1.docx-  

Hello Parents and Carers!

The above link is a pdf with all the spellings for this half term. Each week is clearly labeled with the date (Due on...) we will have our spelling quiz.

We will send home a spelling book in which we ask you to:

1. Use the look, say,cover, write, check method to memorise the spellings.

LOOK at the first word. e.g. bookcase. You might discuss the fact that it is a compound word i.e. a word made up of two other words, book and case. Looking at words this way will help you develop little strategies to help you remember them.

SAY the word e.g. "bookcase" clearly and correctly. Now spell the word aloud " b..o..o..k..c..a..s..e..." whilst looking at the word!!! You may need to say this more than once to make sure you are correct. 

COVER the word with your hand or a piece of paper.

WRITE the word from memory in the second column, saying the letters aloud as you did in the SAY step.

CHECK the word! Remove your hand or the paper and check that you have spelled the word correctly. Make any corrections you need to.

Repeat over the following days in your spelling book.

Regular practice  using this method will ensure longer retention of the spellings. Cramming the night before may get you through the quiz but these are words the children need to be able to spell correctly in their day to day writing in year 3 and 4 so lots of little bursts of daily practice will give them a far better chance of remembering them in the longer term.

2. Know what the word means.
Look up the meaning of the words using an online or "old-school" paper dictionary. Write a sentence for each word in your spelling book to show that you understand their meaning and how to use them in a sentence. This is a great opportunity to practice handwriting skills and to use exciting language and sentence structure. 

A good example:

The huge, dusty bookcase creaked and groaned under the weight of the many enormous, ancient books.

Not such a good example:

Bookcases hold books.

Please speak to us if you have any queries about the spellings or anything else!

Our doors are always open!

Thank you for all your support,

The Year 3 Team

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