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22 Sep 2020
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14 Sep 2020






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English, Science, Art - The Mousehole Cat

08 Feb 2016

The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber.
 'At the far end of England, a land of rocks and moorland stretches itself out into a blue-green sea.
Between its high headlands lie tiny sheltering harbours where the fishing boats hide when the winter storms are blowing.
One of these harbours is so small and the entrance between its great stone breakwaters is so narrow that fishermen called it "the Mousehole".
The people who lived in the cottages around the harbour grew fond of the name and they call their village Mousehole to this day.
They say it in the Cornish way, "Mowzel", but you may say it as you choose.
Once there lived in the village a cat whose name was Mowzer.
She had an old cottage with a window overlooking the harbour, an old rocking-chair with patchwork cushions and an old fisherman named Tom......'

In English we have been studying
'The Mousehole Cat'.

We read parts of the story and we also watched a dvd about the story. We were fascinated by the descriptive language in the story. 

During one of the lessons we listened to 'wavy stormy sounds'.  
We moved our bodies to the rhythm of the sounds.
In partners we had a look at an extract of the story. 
We found all the vocabulary that described the stormy seas.
We added some of our own descriptive vocabulary too. 
We wrote our own sentences with these descriptive words. 
These are now on our class display board
(photo to be added shortly)

Here are some of our pieces of work for the display board. 

'At the far end of England the blue-green sea turned grey and black.'

 In art we created these beautiful colourful wavy patterns. 
With all of them put together it looks like a stormy sea.

Leo and Mrs Perry put together a story box of 'The Mousehole Cat'
You can see this box on the photo below.
We also wrote descriptive sentences about the storm and the waves. 
We added similes too.








We also linked this story to our Science Lessons. We are currently learning about rocks. We had a look at the houses of Mousehole and we have discovered that they are built with lots of pieces of rock.  We created our own Mousehole 'built with rock' Houses. We had to think of the layers, shape, colour and textures of the rocks. Later on we added the doors and the window frames.  Lastly we added the roofs to the houses. Here are some of us in action and some more finished examples. 







 We also wrote descriptive sentences about these houses.  
We added similes too.





In the story the Villagers celebrated Tom's safe return by lighting lanterns. We made our own black lanterns with yellow lights. 

 We also wrote descriptive sentences about these lanterns.  We added similes too. 










 Tom provided the whole village with lots of fish. Here we are creating fish for the fishing net. We had to make sure the fish are big enough so they don't fall through the net. We used shiny green, red, orange and silver for the fish. 




We are busy colouring the title for our display.

Some more lanterns... 

The waves, the story box, the houses and the harbour walls . 



'As evening came down they hauled in the nets. Into the belly of the boat tumbled ling and launces, scad, hake and fairmaids; enough fish for a whole cauldron of morgy-broth; enough pilchards for half a hundred star-gazy pies.'

The fishing net...with shiny fish!

 '...And when night fell, the women went home and set candles in all their windows and every man lit his lantern and went down to the harbour walls.'


Our display is starting to take shape!


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