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14 Sep 2020






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English - Grammar and Punctuation

22 Nov 2015

For Grammar and Punctuation we worked through a variety of card games.

This was partner work. 

There were clues on each card. We had to guess what the word was. eg.  You can eat ice-cream and soup with it....spoon.

We also had to punctuate sentences with speech correctly. 

 Punctuate the sentences correctly. Fill in the missing Capital .   ,   !   ?   "  "  '  

Here is a group of letters. We had to put the letters in the correct order to make up a word. eg.  e s  a  c  p  = space
 Here we had to choose 2 words out of 6 words to make up a compound word... eg. class+room=classroom
 Here we practiced our similes eg.   ...as red as...blood


 There is a sentence on each card. We needed to identify the verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs in each sentence. 

There are 2 unrelated pictures on each card. We used both of these words in a sentence. eg. plant    glass

 Match 1 word to 2 separate words to make up 2 new words that still make sense eg. every  thing    body        everything and everybody

Take one letter from each word to make up a new word.     meat   mate     take away the e now the word is mat 
 Here is a group of letters. We had to put the letters in the correct order to make up a word. These examples are a bit more difficult than the other set. eg.   a h m t m t c n e a i i a   mathematician 

We had to choose any 6 pictures. We wrote sentences using these 6 pictures. eg sun girl  swim beach morning happy  - The beautiful girl went to the busy beach in the morning. She was very excited because the sun was beaming and she was allowed to swim in the water until lunchtime. 
This was a fun way to learn and practice grammar and puntuation.

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