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R.E. - The Bible

22 May 2016

In R.E. we are learning about the Bible and why it is important to Christians. 

At first we had to write down what we knew about the Bible.

We watched 2 short videos about the Bible.

We discussed the features of the Bible and we then wrote down what we've learnt about the Bible. 

This whole class 'Bible Poster' is on display in our classroom. 

What do we know about the Bible?


What did we learn about the Bible?


Next week we will create our own 'Bible Posters' with more features of the Bible. 
More photos to follow soon after. 

We are reading the story about the creation of the Earth
 We found a very colourful contents page in the front of our Bible.  We also looked for the New Testament in the Bible. 

I found the story of Noah's ark.  We found smaller black and white pictures in our Bible. 

 Here is a list of the names in the Bible. We had a look to see if we can find some of the names of the children that are in our class. 

Aaron and Luke found their names in the Bible.  


Aaron and Henry's maps were black and white.


Eden and Ilyaas found colourful maps.


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Love it! Well done. As a secondary school teacher of Religious Studies, lots of students don't learn about the Bible in younger years!
Ms Jo Arrowsmith - 16 Sep 2016 - 19:21
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