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14 Sep 2020






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Science - Volcanoes

17 Mar 2016

In Science we learnt what volcanoes are and how they are formed.

Here we are acting out some of the key parts/actions of volcanoes.

Here we are the magma in the magma chamber where the molten rock is under great preasure. We all tried to get out of the chamber. It was very difficult to move because everything was so cramped. 

"Get me out of here....!!!"

Because we moved around so much a crack gradually appeared in the rock.

We (the magma) now started to dash for the crack in the rock to escape the pool of molten rock.

We (the magma) spewed out of the opening at the surface of the earth. 
Now we were called lava. 


 Phew. Now that some magma escaped the pressure is not so high in the magma chamber any more.
We don't want to get out any more.
We are now called sleeping volcano. Maybe when the pressure builds up again we will try and escape through the crack in the rock. 

 The lava flowed down the volcano. All the people had to evacuate the area around the volcano.

 Once the lava cooled down we called it Volcanic Rock. 

The lava spread all over the town.

Can you remember where on earth volcanoes can be found?

What is ring of volcanoes called?

Can you remember where Miss Jordaan visited 2 volcanoes?

Where did Mrs Perry see a volcano?

Have you ever seen a volcano?

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