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A Message for 3LB
07 Jul 2020
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06 Jul 2020
3LB Projects- Eliza
06 Jul 2020  -  Pri: 08/07/2020
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02 Jul 2020
02.07.20 Class Photo 2020
02 Jul 2020
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01 Jul 2020
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01 Jul 2020
CGP Workbooks
30 Jun 2020
29.06.20 Good Morning 3LB
29 Jun 2020
3LB Zoom Catch-up 26.06.20
25 Jun 2020
Can you identify animals from their poo?! Can you match the baby animal to its parent?! Give these fun games a go!!
24 Jun 2020
Good Morning 3LB
22 Jun 2020
A Video Message for 3LB
19 Jun 2020
18.06.20 Who is Marcus Rashford?
18 Jun 2020
Elliot's Visitor - 3LB
17 Jun 2020
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15 Jun 2020
Good Morning 3LB
15 Jun 2020
3LB Projects- Zara
14 Jun 2020
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08 Jun 2020
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07 Jun 2020
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04 Jun 2020
3LB Projects- Deyan
03 Jun 2020
3LB Projects- Ari
02 Jun 2020
02.6.20 What are you grateful for? A photographic challenge!!
02 Jun 2020
02.6.20 A story about palindromes! How many can you spot?!
02 Jun 2020
3LB Projects- Elliot
02 Jun 2020
01.06.20 Reading Focus!! The Ickabog by JK Rowling!
01 Jun 2020
Good Morning 3LB
01 Jun 2020
Special video from Mrs Williams - Enjoy
15 May 2020
VE DAY Projects- 3LB
13 May 2020
Message from Mrs Baxter and Mrs Williams
11 May 2020
30.04.20 Year 3 - Escape from Lockdown!
30 Apr 2020
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30 Apr 2020
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29 Apr 2020
3LB's Daily Challenge
28 Apr 2020
Good Morning/3LB's Daily Challenge
27 Apr 2020
3LB's Daily Challenge
23 Apr 2020
Chess - 3LB
22 Apr 2020
3LB's Daily Challenge
22 Apr 2020
Welcome Back 3LB!
20 Apr 2020
Easter *O P T I O N A L*
05 Apr 2020
Comic Book Characters Revealed!!!!!!!
03 Apr 2020
Missing some music in your life?
02 Apr 2020
Good Morning! 31.03.20 Last day of March!!!!
31 Mar 2020
Ms Carson's Comic Club Challenge!! Join the fun!!!
31 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020
Well Done 3LB!
27 Mar 2020
Good Morning! 25.03.20
24 Mar 2020
Boredom Beaters! Upload pics of yourself making, creating or doing any of these!
21 Mar 2020
Teach Active - Fantastic Resources!
18 Mar 2020
Online Home Learning Resources
18 Mar 2020
World Book Day in 3LB
08 Mar 2020
Catchup with 3LB
24 Jan 2020
Thank You 3LB!
20 Dec 2019
3LB Ancient Egypt WOW Day
17 Dec 2019
3LB Go to Highams Park Lake
19 Nov 2019
What Have 3LB Been Up To?
02 Oct 2019
Year 3 Parent Welcome Meeting 11th September 2019
12 Sep 2019
Welcome to Year 3
12 Sep 2019





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English - Poems

24 Nov 2015

Icicle Ice Palace Poems 

See 15 November English - Ice Palace - Group Poems

Icicle mountain
The ice-palace is see through
I feel very calm in the ice palace
The ice-palace is a shiny glamorous place
There’s nobody inside so I feel lonely
I was cheerful when I saw the ice-palace
I got moody in the ice-palace
Freezing frozen ice-palace
I feel lonely in the ice-palace
The ice palace is very shiny
When I went inside I felt shy and tiny!
The snowy woods
The snowy forest is dark and it is very long
When I approach it I feel afraid
The snowy forest is so snowy, icy and cold
Which made me feel excited to play in the snow
The snowy mountain was so steep
I felt like a gloomy animal about to go to sleep
I was walking in the woods
One beautiful night
But something caught my eye
Because it was so bright
It was an ice-palace
I was full of delight
I was glad and at this sight
There was a snowy hill on a mountain
That was as big as an enormous fountain
The icy rinks were slippery
The rink mad e me so tense
The shiny glamorous forest
Snowy white glamorous beauty in the forest
I’m full of fear I’m powerless and unsafe
The big trees are fearless and making me scared
The ice-palace is slippery
The glass is beautiful in the palace
I feel powerless in the ice-palace
I was excited when I went to the palace
I was annoyed because I was cold
I was lonely because there was nobody there
The ice-palace is freezing cold
I was mad because I slipped over
The shiny ice-palace was gorgeous
I was afraid to touch the wall
The icy snow
The ice-palace felt slippery when I touched it
I was calm when I packed my kit
The cheerful snow is prouder than ever
The people are happily rolling in the enchanting snow
I see icicles dripping in the bright light
I was relaxed by this sight
The icicles
The shimrous white falling snow
The sharp icicles gave me a chill
The forest made me feel great and cheerful
The dark forest is cold
The forest is scary
The dark forest is gloomy
The icicles were so sharp
I was so surprised I nearly broke a harp
I was surprised by the beautiful ice-palace
I think it should be called the beautiful nice palace
The dark forest is very cold
I was very scared
The forest is watery
I am so lonely
The harp is really not as sharp as the icicles
The snowiness was really grumpy
The icicles sounded a lot like the bicycles

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