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Maths - Fractions

16 Nov 2015

In Maths we used fraction strips to help us work out fractions of amounts.

For example. If you have to work out 3/4 of 16 you need to fold your strip in half and then in half again.Your strip will look like this.

 After this we shared 16 objects equally between the 4 fractions.

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Now we needed to circle or colour 3 of the fractions.
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

We had to count the objects in the 3 fractions.

So....3/4 of 16 = 12.

Have a look how hard we all worked!

Here we divided the strips into thirds.

 If you fold them in half again you get sixths.

So... 3/4 of 8 is 6.

 We counted out the correct amount of objects
before we started sharing them. 


We wrote our sums and answers neatly in our books. 

 10...11...12...How many more dice do I need to share?

I just want to double check the answer Eden...

 I can now share the 8 objects...

 Did I share the objects equally?

How many do we need to count out first?


 2/3 of 15 is....

 You can also use a pie fraction circle to help you work out the answers. 

 Did I share these correctly?

We are working neatly and accurately in our books. 



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