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The Mousehole cat

21 Oct 2017


We have been retelling the Mousehole cat from the point of view of Mowser. We hope you enjoy the extracts from our writing.

Hi I'm Mowser. I live in a small town called Mousehole. I know it is a bit of a funny name. It is called that because the gap between the great break water is so small it is rather like a mousehole. I live with my pet Old Tom.  Joseph

Then one terrible winter a storm cat came with a blue green , felt, furry coat and flooded Mousehole. Children looked up at their mothers to give them a frightened look.
It was treacherous ! Safiya

It came out of its watery lair in the green blue sea. The terrible , treacherous, untamed beast was destroying the village. Humphry

Everybody was frightened. We ate up all our vegetables left in our little gardens. The vegetables were yuk but I knew that I had to eat it otherwise I would starve. We ate up all the salted pilchards. They were too salty for my taste.  Emily

Some people tried to go and fish but the great storm cat always waited and waited until they came.
One evening  I was sitting on Tom's lap and I felt him take a deep sigh.
"Mowser, me handsome. " He said soothingly. " It will soon be Christmas and no man can stand at Christmas and see the children starve. Someone must go fishing and I think that someone must be me. It can not be the younger men because they have wives and children to weep if they don't come back. All my parents have died and my children have gone away."
I purred to tell him it was the same with me. Cliodhna

I had a sudden weep inside me. I purred to say I understood. "We shall set off tomorrow" , whispered Tom. "Brave Mowser and Wise Tom. " I loved the names. Mayah

The next day I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning to go into the great storm cat with turquoise fur. First we put a lamp in our window to guide our way home. Joshua

When me and Tom got on the boat we shook this way and then that. I clung on to old Tom so I wouldn't fall into the rough sea.The boat was struggling because the storm cat was playing with it as if it was a ball of string. Safiya

We peeped into our worst nightmare.Tom steered. I whispered, "We'll be okay", in my head. I started to hum. Mayah

I purred so loud and beautifully the storm cat fell asleep, Yakub

I chilled the storm cat down which allowed Tom to catch 101 fish. When we started our journey back to Mousehole the villagers were worried because they couldn't see us. Miles

We sailed back safe and sound. Girls put candles on their windows and boys lit up lanterns. Then me and Old Tom arrived. A few moments later we had a two hour midnight feast and we ate and ate and danced and sang and partied and cooked. Yakub 

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What a wonderful story everyone!
Mrs Julianne Boutaleb - 03 Nov 2017 - 17:19
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