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Maths - Multiplication

05 Oct 2015

In Maths we played a variety of games to consolidate our knowledge of the 2,4,5 and 10x table. 
We played some of the games on our own but we also played with partners or as part of a group too. 

Multiplication puzzle - This was a tricky puzzle. We had to put the multiplication grid back together. We first packed out all the puzzle pieces and we then stuck in on the grid. We had to look carefully at the multiples before we can pack them on the grid.  Were you able to complete the multiplication grid successfully?
 Here we played multiplication bingo as a group.


We were also allowed to play HIT THE BUTTON on our ipads. We were the best with the 10x table.  We struggled a little bit with the 4x table because that was new to us. 



Do you think this multiplication grid was put together correctly? Can you find the evidence to prove your answer?


 Multiplication bingo - With this multiplication bingo we can also match the multiplication facts with the division facts. 


 Multiplication dominoes - These dominoes are triangular. We worked together to find the matching dominoes.  






 Which was your favourite game to play? 
Are you getting better with the 4x table now?




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