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English - The Ice Palace

17 Jan 2016

Inside the cave
Ivan stepped into the blackness. He heard a strange but familiar sound. It sounded like his brother shouting. “Help…Ivan…or anyone else!!!” Ivan thought it was just his imagination. As he went on Ivan felt wood by his slightly cold shoes. He bent down to pick the wood up. After a while of walking Ivan realized that the wood wasn’t just wood…it was made into a small sword.  The sword felt pointy at the one end but not on the other. A few seconds later a stone fell on his head then another and then another. Ivan could hear a crackling sound. He picked up the sound of an earthquake approaching his way. He was getting colder by the minute…Soon he would be freezing. The faint light was now out of sight. Ivan felt bats creeping up behind him. He felt a crack appearing. He had to run for his life with the sword still in his hands. Ivan bumped into some walls on the way and soon fell into some sticky liquid. (He thought it was slime).It was warming Ivan up as fast as a car at
100 mph...


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