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Space Science Week - Building a Rocket

Miss Jordaan - 09 May 2016

During Science Space Week
our class designed and built our own rocket.

Here we are putting the finishing touches on the rocket. 
Our telescope came in handy to find the new planets that we've designed. 
Our finished rocket.  Tim Peake is the first astronaut to man our rocket. 
So many plastic bottles and bags.
Where do we need to start?
First you need to carefully design a rocket. 
Try out different positions with the variety of bottles etc. Now make some adjustments to the designs. 
Let the rest of the class have a look at your design. Can they suggest any changes? What do they think will work well?

 Make some final adjustments...
We had a vote to choose the best design for the class rocket. 
Jacob's design won and he was in charge of the rocket building. 
 Slowly but surely the rocket is taking shape.

mmmmm... what else can we use?
Picture of finished rocket at the top of the page.
Well done to everyone for their hard work!

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