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07 Nov 2018
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12 Oct 2018







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Science - Muscles

30 Nov 2016

In Science we've been learning about our muscles. 

Here we are exercising our biceps and triceps.

Our muscles were burning after a while because they worked very hard.


We did an investigation to find out if people who do more exercise have stronger muscles.  

We asked the children in our class how many hours of exercise they do per week. 

We wrote this information down on a tally chart.  We grouped the children with similar hours per week in the same category.

After this we did star jumps in our groups. We wrote down our results. 

Our conclusion was that people who do more exercise indeed have stronger muscles than people who do not do much exercise.

We came to this conclusion because the children in our class who did more exercise per week did more starjumps in a minute than the children who did less exercise per week.  

This was a fun way to learn about our muscles. 

We also found very interesting facts about our muscles:

The heart muscle does the most work of any muscle over a lifetime.

Tendons attach the muscle to two bones across a joint, as one muscle contracts the other relaxes which moves the bones

The muscle in your thigh is the longest muscle in the body. 

The smallest muscle in your body is in your ear. 

The muscles in your eye are the busiest muscles in the body. 


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