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Maths - 5 and 10x tables

28 Sep 2015

In maths we played the following games to consolidate our knowledge of 5 and 10x tables. We played the 5 and 10x tables games separately.
  1. Put down the cards facing up. Match the sum to the answer. See if you can match them all up and then put them in order from 1x – 10 x. Can you remember what 11x and 12x 5 and 10 are.
  2. Next game: Put the cards all face down. Take turns. Pick up 2 cards. Do they match? Sum=answer? If they do, keep the cards, if they don’t put them down in the same place as where you picked them up from. Try to remember where you’ve put them down for later. See how many pairs you can get.  Take turns. Repeat.
  3. Next game: As above put all the cards face down. Pick up 1 card. If you pick up an answer eg 20. You need to say out loud what the sum can be eg. 5x4 or 2x10. Repeat. Take turns. If you pick up the sum, eg3x10 you need to say the answer out loud eg 30. If you are correct you can keep the cards.​
We had a lot of fun playing these games in our groups. 

Some of our sums are not yet matched up with the correct answers. Can you spot them?




































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