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07 Nov 2018
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Science - Levels of the Earth

06 Feb 2016

            In Science we've been learning about the layers of the earth.

 The earth is made up of distinct layers: the crust, the mantle, and the core

We used different colours to show the different layers.
The 'Blue and Green' layer is for the Crust - It is the thinnest layer on the outside of the earth and is less than 100km deep. 
We thought of bread that has got a crust on the outside too. 

The red level is the mantle.
The mantle is made up of rocks that are more dense than the crust.

The orange level is the outer part of the core and it consists of liquid metal. It's the motion of this metal spinning around that gives the Earth is magnetic field (makes the Earth a big magnet). 

The yellow part is the inner core and it is made up of the same metals as the outer core (iron and nickel), but instead of being liquid, it's solid. 

 The inner core is still as hot as the outer core (5700 degrees Celcius), so why do you  think it is a solid instead of a liquid?

We also learnt about other features for each of the layers. 

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