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07 Nov 2018
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Fossils - Mrs Valerie and Ethan Cox

18 May 2016

In Science we've been learning about Fossils

Mrs Valerie and Ethan Cox shared their passion for Fossils with the Year 3s.
We were very fascinated by all the Fossil Facts and Real Fossils that they've shared with us. 


"Always make sure you have the correct equipment if you want to find fossils."


We shared our Non-Chronological Reports about Fossils with Mrs Cox.  She was very impressed with the effort we've put into our Reports. 
This looks like a Rhino Horn!

Can you remember the names of all these fossils?
Ethan's explanations were very informative. 
If you look into the light you can see that this ammonite is empty on the inside. The dark bit is mud that is stuck in the ammonite. 
Sometimes you can find the most interesting fossils still inside the rocks. 
Thank you so much to Ethan and his mum Valerie for sharing their passion for fossils with us. 

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