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About Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders is a leadership programme for pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 at Handsworth.

Four pupils are recruited in Year 5 and these children continue as Digital Leaders until they leave Handsworth at the end of Year 6.

As part of the recruitment process, the Year 6 Digital Leaders devise questions for the application form, present a pitch to the Year 5 classes and – once applications are received – they shortlist and interview potential candidates.

During their two years as Digital Leaders, the eight pupils meet each week to:
  • Take stock of the digital equipment around the school
  • Discuss, plan and teach the Year 4 ICT Club
  • Plan and teach the Hour of Code to each class.
They also help to promote and inspire Computing across our school by running training sessions for staff, consistently modelling e-safety, leading assemblies, reviewing new technologies and filming events.

Teachers can book out Digital Leaders to help them in class or to show them how to use a certain piece of technology.

For the past two years, we have also been able to take our Digital Leaders to Tate Modern as a partner of the London Connected Learning Centre. Together, they host a day of workshops that combine art and technology.
Last year, Digital Leaders from across London explored the similarities between computational thinking, programming and craft through hands-on making using digital technologies and recycled materials.

Our Digital Leaders for 2018-2019 are:
Year 5 Callum I became a Digital Leader when I was nine years old. I love the role – it’s been so much fun. There are so many activities where I’ve had the best time at school. Some of the things we will do in the future are teaching lessons about Coding and going to Tate Modern. Ever since I knew what a Digital Leader was, I wanted to be one.
  Eloise Coming soon.
  Felix I enjoy being a Digital Leader because it is fun. I like handling tech. I like running a club. I joined because it sounded fun and so far, it is. I enjoy working with the Year 4s and working with my friends.
  Melissa I decided that I would like to be a Digital Leader because I wanted to teach a class and learn more about responsibility as well as technology. Being able to use technology and understand it is a useful skill. I would quite like to be a technician when I grow up so I would definitely like to learn more about technology.

Year 6 Amelie I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I wanted to have a role of leadership in the school. Also, because I wanted to help other pupils and teachers and share my knowledge and love of technology with them. As a Digital Leader, I have a lot of responsibility to make sure all of the school technology works properly. Even though it is a lot of responsibility, I am very happy to be a Digital Leader and love being part of the team.
  Ethan Coming soon.
  Mia I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I really like Computing and I go on devices a lot at home. I know how to fix devices when they are broken and I know how to code. When I am at home, I help my siblings and my family with their phones if they are not working. I like being a Digital Leader because we get to teach people Coding and they learn from us. I think it is really fun because we are leaders in the school and there are only eight of us.
  Noah Coming soon.
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