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English - Kennings

17 Jan 2016

What is a Kennings Poem?

A Kenning is a two word phrase describing an object often using a metaphor. A Kennings poem is a riddle made up of several lines of kennings to describe something or someone.

What is the structure of a Kennings poem?

A Kennings poem consists of several stanzas of two describing words. It can be made up of any number of Kennings.

Here are some of our own examples:

palace painter
fridge maker
diamond lover
ice scater 
ice cream eater
necklace stealer
cupboard maker
car washer
big sleeper
snow leopard poacher
zoo lover
animal lover
honey eater
flower planter
grape picker
good drawer
neat writer
pumpkin eater
cherry cleaner
house washer

I have a friend whose mum is a car washer.
My mummy is a very good picture drawer.

Ice palace builder
fridge burglar 
diamond stealer
ice skater
pizza slicer
book marker
night walker
pizza topper

The night walker fell over the hook maker.

fridge mover
diamond maker
ice breaker
car driver
book reader
burger maker
x box gamer
ball kicker
ice painter
pencil carver
car washer
foot massager
joke writer
zoo keeper
minecraft player
pie maker
problem maker
game updater
story writer
song singer

The ice palace maker and the pen carver made an ice pencil.
The fridge mover and the car washer cleaned a fridge. 
The joke writer wrote a joke about a diamond maker.
The awesome ice breaker put ice on the foot massager.
The car driver drove his car to the zoo keeper.

ice palace cleaner
fridge maker
diamond finder
ice skater
pizza baker
spelling speller
boat sailer
sky scraper
story writer
moon walker
fire work lighter
music player
animal lover
friendship jumper
white board rubber
book reader
house seller
pencil hater

The ice palace cleaner watched the fire work lighter light the fire work.

ice palace kicker
fridge cooler
diamond picker
ice walker
table stealer
chair seller
ice runner
car driver
drill maekr
diamond stealer
gold shaker
lego maker
car maker

The car maker is a diamond stealer.
The lego maker is a drill maker.

ice palace painter
diamond stealer
ice digger
ruby digger
dynamite destroyer
gold stealer
picture taker
party runner
zoo keeper
table puncher
song singer
car washer
mouse catcher
gorilla keeper
pet keeper
shoe demolisher


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