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Big Draw - House Colour Day Fun

23 Oct 2015

 Today we sat in our House Colour Groups.

We linked our theme for the day to Science 'Helping Plants Grow Well'.
We had a look at different coloured flowers.

We then decided which ones we were going to draw and paint for the







We mixed the colours to show different shades of  a colour.
We used Dark Felt Tip Pens to outline the flowers to make them stand out more. 

Our Finished Paintings 




 We love showing off our lovely handywork!!
 Now it is our turn to add our paintings to 'The Bigger Picture'.





Back in the classroom we created our own 'House Colour Collages' and coloured our own 'Glass Stained Window Patterns.' 






We voted for the best
'House Colour Collage'.  
Red house was the winning house with their 3 dimensional beadwork collage.  
Well done Red House. Excellent Group work!

The 'Bigger Picture' Taking Shape.
Can you find our Flower Paintings?













Well done to everyone who took part in this beautiful creation! 

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