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Year 3 tutankhamun masks
07 Nov 2018
Egyptian Art
12 Oct 2018







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Science Magic Show

21 Mar 2014

The whole of Year 3 and 4JL got to see some 'magic' through science experiments on Thursday as part of Science week.  

Can you explain what is happening in any of these pictures?








Some of Year 3 helped out with one of the experiments.  What is going on in the video?  Can you explain it?


What were your favourite bits of magic?  Can you explain how the 'magic' happened?


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Hogan loved the Science Magic show. He says "It was really funny when everybody got soaked by the bottle of water with holes in it. I tried the experiment at home and totally fooled my mum and gave her a good soaking. I liked it all."
Miss Nikki Hogan - 24 Mar 2014 - 19:00
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