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Dementia Friends

17 Jan 2014


This term one of our topics is ‘people who help us.’ During this topic we will be learning about many different organisations that help people in our local community. On Thursday 16th January, Hogan Steadman’s Aunty who is a Dementia friends Champion, came in to talk about being a Dementia friend.
During the session the children gained a better understanding of the impact of dementia upon memories, skills and abilities.

The children discussed ways they could help someone with dementia. The children were extremelly thoughtful and came up with some amazing ideas.

*Make a memory box, so they can remeber all the happy times.
* Find their favourite photos to remind them of happy times.
*Help them with daily tasks
*Have a birthday for them everyday, so they never forget how special a birthday is.

Have you thought of anymore ideas of how you could help?

More information about dementia friends can be found on their website  www.dementiafriends.org.uk

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