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Growing Homework.

02 Jun 2016

More amazing pieces of homework.
The children have really enjoyed working on this "Growing" homework project and have produced some very creative and original pieces of work.
Here are the last few to share with you.

Saffron made a poster showing us all the lovely plants and animals in her garden:

 Aleena made a sunflower and found out lots of intersesting facts about flowers:


Aryeshah designed and made her own forest:


Grace made a flower picture:

Ryan drew and labelled a flower:

Matthew drew a jungle with animals in it:

Anees designed his own jungle board game and played it with his Year 3 friend during our Maths Games afternoon:

Mathilde designed her own flower garden:

Trejon has planted his own flowers. I hope they will grow in class:

Seth made a book/diary about growing courgettes. He took pictures of them everyday and measured them to see how big they were growing. Sadly, the plants didn't last very long in the garden but Seth decided to try again. I do hope this time you will have a bit more success and I can't wait to see the end result:


Well done everybody!
You have all worked so hard on these  projects and have come up with some amazing ideas to share with the class.
Also a big thank you parents for your continued support and help.

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