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Science - Sink or Float

08 Feb 2015

In Science we've been learning about

Sink is when the object is going below the surface of a liquid. 
We used water.  

Float is when the object rests or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking.
In groups we did our own experiments.
Each group had a tray full of objects.
We each had a turn to put an object in the tray of water.
We had to have a look and write down if the object sunk or if it floated. 











Next week we are going to see if our predictions were correct.
We are also going to write down our conclusions.

Can you remember why a big boat can float on the water?

We tried to make a paper clip float on the water:
First we put a paper clip in the water.  It sunk.


After that we put a piece of tissue paper on the water.
It floated.


Next we put another paper clip on the tissue paper.
They both floated.

Now the tricky part. We tried to move the tissue paper out from underneath the paper clip.

Unfortunately the paper clip did not float. We thought of a few reasons why the paper clip did not float: 
The tray with water was too big. 
The tissue paper was too big.
We used the wrong tool to remove the tissue paper.
We were working too fast to try and get rid of the paper. 

We did not have enough time to try again.  Have a go at home. Follow the instructions on the sheet we've handed out on Friday. Let us know how you got on.
According to the Science Bob website it is possible for a paper clip to float on the water.  
Here is their explanation. 

How is this possible? With a little thing we scientists call SURFACE TENSION. Basically it means that there is a sort of skin on the surface of water where the water molecules hold on tight together. If the conditions are right, they can hold tight enough to support your paper clip. The paperclip is not truly floating, it is being held up by the surface tension. Many insects, such as water striders, use this "skin" to walk across the surface of a stream.

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