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Year 1 Welcome Meeting
17 Sep 2018
Year 1 - Autumn Term 1 2018-19
14 Sep 2018







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1 CG/JL Maths outside

Mrs Giacuzzo - 20 Jan 2016

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In maths this week we are adding by putting the larger number first and counting on.

Some of us played snakes and ladders outside. We rolled the dice and worked out which number we would land on, by adding. When we landed on the right square, we had the opportunity to move on one more square by answering an addition question. To work out the addition question we put the larger number first and counted on. Here we are playing the game:













Can you add by counting on?
Try these sums:

6 + 3 =
12 + 5 =
18 + 6 =
8 + 24 =

Don't forget to start with the largest number!!


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Maths look like a lot of fun for Y1! Fantastic way to teach the children, Olivia told me she loves maths, great work!
Ms marta diaz - 27 Jan 2016 - 13:18
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