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Year 1 Welcome Meeting
17 Sep 2018
Year 1 - Autumn Term 1 2018-19
14 Sep 2018







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1 CG/JL plant homework continued.....

Mrs Giacuzzo - 04 May 2016

Plants Homework Continued...

 Isabel made a beautiful rose:

 Max made a wonderful collage of a jungle:

 Isabella made this fantastic tree which looks like it is a sunny day when you look at it in one direction, and a rainy day when you look in the other direction:



 Max came in with this interesting coconut which he had found. He explained that they were expecting to find milk in it but when they opened it, there was none as it had all dried up.

 Muazzam drew this superb picture of bluebells:

 Zikra drew this wonderful picture of a sunflower and labeled it:

 Ryan drew this great picture of a forest:

 Ariel made a fun board game, wrote instructions for the board game, wrote a story, made a frog puppet and drew a picture:






 Olivia drew a very creative picture of a plant and labeled it and then laminated it:



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I really enjoyed making my summer and winter tree, Isabella xxxxxx♡☆♡♢
Miss Ollie Michael - 14 May 2016 - 09:02
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