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Material Houses

Mrs Giacuzzo - 03 Feb 2016

Image result for three little pigsImage result for science

In Science this week we read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and we discussed what each house was made out of.  We discussed the properties of those materials and whether or not they are suitable for building a house.
After that we experimented in building our own houses out of different materials. Heres what we've done so far:

House made of paper straws: 

We have made the walls, our next plan is the roof: 
House made of lollypop sticks: 

So far we have four walls, a door and a partially finished roof! 
House made of hey:

So far we have made three walls and some bricks for the fourth wall. This was a very difficult material to use to build a house! 
House made of wire:

So far we have the window and the four walls and the roof and a carpet!
House made of Lego: 
The Lego group found their material the easiest to build with and so they have finished already! They were very inventive with they're house! 

They had a roof terrace which was linked to they're tree house: 

They had a window and a lift up to the roof terrace: 

You can also onto the roof terrace by climbing up the inside of tree house: 



 Keep watching for all of the finished houses!!



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Zikra enjoyed making a house out of straw/hay not sure which one lol
Mrs Yasmin Ishaq - 10 Feb 2016 - 20:50
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