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Tour de France - Year 1 Style

07 Jul 2014

Tour de France 2014
Year 1 Style

Read all about our thoughts of this special and exciting day (after the pictures)





















Yesterday was an amazing day because the Tour de France came to London! It was so amazing to see how fast they were riding on their bikes because they had to ride so many miles. The yellow means you have the fastest time. Polka dotted jersey means your king of the mountain.  By Chike

I loved the tour de France because it was fun. Next time I want to go again. I caught a frisbee and a keyring.  I went with Lily and Ethan C.  The cyclists were going fast. 

When I went to the Tour de France I saw vans. The people inside the vans threw out Tour de France stuff.I brought a bag with a teddy bear in, a Tour de France hat and  pillow that floats on water. Next I saw the cyclists. There were 2 in front and in the middle there were lots of cyclists. They were riding very fast.! Then I went for a look around. I saw a green screen with a bycicle in front. I went on the bike and someone took a photo and they printed it out. I was cycling with the other cyclists and there was a bridge at the back. I had a fun time. Would you want to go to the Tour de France?
by Lola 

First I thought that I won’t go but then my dad picked me up. I didn’t know what was going to happen at the tour de France. I went with Alex. The cyclists went extremely fast and one of them got knocked off his bicycle.
by Charlie 
I went to Ethan’s house to get changed. Then my mum took me and Ethan to the Tour de France where we found Noah, Lois, his mum and his dad. After that… by Lily
When I went to the Tour de France I saw Lily in year 6 and I saw Alice my best friend. I had a favourite float and it was a fruit shoot float. They were throwing shoots and I caught one. By Molly
I liked when I rode the bicycles and the scooters. I made a Tour de France poster. The cyclists… by Helkias
I rode a bicycle and a scooter. I made a poster.  By Kevin
They were riding bicycles. I saw the England flag… by Ronnie
I went to watch the Tour de France. I was a spectator. 1 person fell over and 2 people lost their wheels. But 2 cyclists were in the lead until 10 min at the end. All the bikers needed to get to France. There were trucks that were chucking out harriboes. I caught 1 and ate it up. By Alex
I saw two people in front. 1 minute later 2 more people and then 3. I saw all of the cyclists came and joined in. by Jahrel
On Monday the 6th of July I left school early because me and Mae had to go to the Tour de France. When we got there it was 1 o’clock so we had to wait for a bit because we got there early. Later on when the race was on it got a bit noisy and I got scared. After a very long wait the cyclists came zooming past us and it made me dizzy.  By Zoe

When I was at the Tour de France a person was in the road. He got run over and some of the bike riders tripped over him. After that the cars came to give him another bike.  They carried on riding until they got to another country.  When I was at the tour de France there were hundreds of people on bikes. I wanted the people at the front to win the Tour de France.  By Harry
The Tour de France was spectacular. There were lots of funny cars. They threw things out. Things like keyrings and Yorkshire tea. By Joseph
At the Tour de France there were loads of floats and there were bikes on cars. I saw a Haribo car and a fruit shoot car. I had lots of fun…..!!
by Edward
On Monday 6th July I left school early to see the Tour de France. I was so excited to go. When we got there I saw a very big fruit shoot car with a big bottle of fruit shoot. After a while I saw a bike car and it threw a key ring at me and I got it.  When the cyclists came they went so fast mum could just about take a photo of me behind the cyclists.  By Mae
The liked the Tour de France day. I enjoyed riding on the bikes and the scooters. We were riding very fast. By Oliver
At the Tour de France I saw a fruit juice van and another and another and another van came by. I caught something. After a while I just kept on seeing vans. After I was playing in the long grass with Lily and Noah I ran back to my mum and dad. They caught a poster, band and a pen. After all that I went bug hunting and we went with my dad. We nearly caught a cricket. After a while the bikes came and I loved it. Then I went home with Lily and Noah. By Ethan C



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