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The snail and the whale 2 - Spikey

14 Jun 2014

In Literacy we've studied the book 'The snail and the whale'.

We linked this theme to other curriuculum areas too.

We had an interesting visitor in our classroom this week.
His name is Spikey. He is an Giant African Snail and he belongs to Mrs Soar's son. 

Mrs Soar was so kind to answer our very interesting questions about their pet snail.




Here he is fast asleep...


Here are some of our interesting questions:

How old is Spikey?  8 years old
Where is Spikey from? He was born in Leyton but his family is from South-Africa.
Does Spikey go to snail school?  No, snails do not have to go to school.
What kind of food does he like to eat and does he always eat his food?  He loves cucumber, but only the inside bit and not the green bit. He also eats orange, lettuce and watermelon.   
Is Spikey fully grown?  No, he is still growing
Why do we have to spray water inside his tank? We need to spray his tank to keep it moist for Spikey to slither around.
What are the white things in his tank? The white things are cuttlefish bones. The snail sucks on it and it helps his shell grow strong. 
Do you have any more questions about Spikey?   




















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Brilliant story, scary snail!!
Ms Elizabeth Mclean - 16 Jun 2014 - 20:41
V scary snail! Zoe has talked non stop about Spikey.
Mrs Katherine Bromley - 18 Jun 2014 - 19:56
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