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Happy Holidays!
24 Jul 2022
Design and Technology: Perfect Pizzas!
22 Jul 2022
Design and Technology: Our AMAZING robots!
22 Jul 2022
HISTORY: Significant People
22 Jul 2022
ENGLISH/DRAMA: Our Conscience Alley
22 Jul 2022
ART: African Sunset Silhouettes
22 Jul 2022
Thank you from Mrs Leftwich
21 Jul 2022
Design and Technology Resources Needed!
27 Jun 2022
World Of Work Week in 2KC
26 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022
2KC Jubilee Jamboree!
10 Jun 2022
World Of Work Week
08 Jun 2022
Jubilee Jamboree!
01 Jun 2022
SCIENCE: Exploring livings things and their habitats
24 May 2022
Open Classroom - Thank You!
18 May 2022
Highams Park Food Aid
17 May 2022
SCIENCE: Visit to Highams Park Lake
17 May 2022
Art in 2KC
08 May 2022
KS1 SATS 2022
05 May 2022
ENGLISH: Story maps
02 May 2022
ENGLISH: Recounts - Our Spring Holidays!
27 Apr 2022
WELCOME to the Summer Term!
24 Apr 2022
24 Apr 2022
Comic Relief 2022
26 Mar 2022
Science Week 2022 - More FUN Science!
26 Mar 2022
Science Week 2022 - Wheels To School
20 Mar 2022
Wheels To School Information
13 Mar 2022
Celebrating World Book Day 2022 in 2KC!
05 Mar 2022
Great Fire Of London WOW Day and Year 2 Assembly
02 Mar 2022
Ukraine in our hearts β™₯️
01 Mar 2022
Art & DT: We Are Architects!
28 Feb 2022
World Book Day 2022
26 Feb 2022
HISTORY: Our trip to the Tower Of London
26 Feb 2022
English & History: Our Newspaper Reports
23 Feb 2022
Children's Mental Health Week 2022
15 Feb 2022
Safer Internet Day 2022
10 Feb 2022
Highams Park Food Aid
09 Feb 2022
MATHS: Multiplication and Division
29 Jan 2022
PE: Gymnastics
22 Jan 2022
ENGLISH: Recounts - Our Winter Holidays!
14 Jan 2022
MATHS ONLINE HOMEWORK: Times Tables Rockstars
14 Jan 2022
WELCOME to the Spring Term!
08 Jan 2022
21 Dec 2021
Christmas Carols 🎡 🎢
18 Dec 2021
Christmas Party 2021 πŸŽ„ πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
18 Dec 2021
Marvellous Maths Week: FRIDAY
16 Dec 2021
Marvellous Maths Week: THURSDAY
16 Dec 2021
Marvellous Maths Week: WEDNESDAY
15 Dec 2021
Marvellous Maths Week: TUESDAY
11 Dec 2021
Marvellous Maths Week: MONDAY
11 Dec 2021
ART/GEOGRAPHY: Our water colour paintings of mountain landscapes.......
11 Dec 2021
MATHS: Money
10 Dec 2021
Year 2 Christmas Carols
05 Dec 2021
SCIENCE and ENGLISH: Caring for our environment
04 Dec 2021
ART: Autumn Leaves Collage
03 Dec 2021
03 Dec 2021
Christmas Food Bank
02 Dec 2021
PE: Yoga linked to Anti-Bullying
27 Nov 2021
Year 2 Phonics Screening Check
27 Nov 2021
Children In Need 2021
19 Nov 2021
Remembrance Day 2021
19 Nov 2021
2KC Parent Consultation
06 Nov 2021
International Day 2021 in 2KC!
28 Oct 2021
Black History Month - Part 2
25 Oct 2021
ART and DT: Nature Sculptures
25 Oct 2021
PE: Dance - Exploring mirroring....
25 Oct 2021
Black History Month - Part 1
15 Oct 2021
Details for International Day
15 Oct 2021
PSHE: Being Responsible
13 Oct 2021
Book recommendations for Year 2
13 Oct 2021
Useful PHONICS websites!
13 Oct 2021
National Poetry Day: Check out our Writing Competition Entries!
08 Oct 2021
Celebrating National Poetry Day in 2KC!
07 Oct 2021
COMPUTING: We are games testers!
04 Oct 2021
ART: Showing detail in our drawings
03 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021
National Poetry Day: Writing Competition
30 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021
ENGLISH: Storytelling
19 Sep 2021
Year 2 Parent Meeting Recording
17 Sep 2021
A BRILLIANT start to the year!
12 Sep 2021
WELCOME to 2KC 2021 - 2022!
11 Sep 2021
YEAR 2 Parent Zoom
08 Sep 2021







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Good morning 2KC!

04 May 2020

Good morning 2KC,

I hope you are all well and you have had an amazing weekend with your family. Although the weather wasn’t great, I enjoyed spending time with my family. We enjoyed our walks in the forest with Rubble, making pizza, playing monopoly and watching the movie ‘Trolls World Tour’ accompanied by a huge bowl of popcorn, amongst other things like household chores. How did you spend your weekend?

Welcome to week 3 of the summer term.  I hope you’ve had fun doing last week’s home learning tasks.  Thank you for sharing your work and all the lovely things you have been creating and doing.  I have uploaded your lovely work on our home page – do have a look at this, it is great to see you and share what you have been up to with each other. If you have Show and Tell for this week, you can upload your photos or work on this page. I am really looking forward to your messages, seeing your work and photos this week. I will also be phoning  some of you, whom I didn't get to speak to  - I can't wait to hear your lovely voices again. This makes me feel really happy! 

This week is a short week due to Friday being a bank holiday – VE Day, so there will be no tasks set on Friday.  You will have your daily maths and english tasks, weekly reading, spelling and a history project based on VE Day for the next 4 days to work on. Have a go doing what you can. Please be kind to yourself and do what works best for you and your family. If you are looking for ideas, do check our home page for fun activities and ways to stay healthy and keep fit.

Try to avoid too much screen time, you have plenty of time to curl up to a book, exercise, spend time in your garden if possible, do things with your family, play a board game, help around the house, cook with your adults, ask questions, play, learn a new skill, collect recyclable materials like egg boxes, plastic bottles and toilet rolls which would be useful for incredible craft activities  or simply draw a picture of the view from your window. It is also important that we chill at the end of a long day – you can close your eyes and listen to calm music, do gentle breathing, watch calming videos like under the sea or do yoga. I will add on ideas on mindfulness and relaxation on our home page so watch this space. I am off to start my day!

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead with your family. Whatever you do, give it your best!

Lots of loveheart
Mrs Chetty



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Good morning 2KC and Mrs Chetty. Wishing you all a lovely day.
Mrs Claire Nairne - 04 May 2020 - 08:05
Good morning Mrs Nairne! Thank you 😊 Have a wonderful day πŸŒ»πŸ€—
Ms Kathrine Chetty - 04 May 2020 - 09:56
Good Morning Mrs Chetty and everyone. I am definitely going to do one of the relaxation videos today - thanks for all your tips. May the Fourth be with you everyone! FROM GABE!!!!! Also the last Star Wars movie came out on this day :)
Ms hanna chalmers - 04 May 2020 - 11:43
Hello Gabe! I am glad to hear that you plan to chill at the end of the day πŸ‘πŸΌ Have lots of fun today πŸ€—
Ms Kathrine Chetty - 04 May 2020 - 12:00
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