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A day in the life of Year 4

17 Jun 2013

Well, we're in the last half term of being in Year 4.  
Some might say that things are 'winding down', but ...
we thought we'd let you know how
just one day this week has been
and show you how hard we are still working
and challenging ourselves
(oh, and having a bit of fun in our learning as well!)

Our day began with some practical weighing of fruit, dried foodstuffs and, surprisingly, our shoes!  We were estimating what items weighed against metal weights and using different scales to find how accurate our estimates and reading of scales are.   We also wrote our results in g, kg and a mixture of both. Miss Lloyd joined us and helped us adjust the scales when they didn't point to zero straight away. Thank you!


We were then off to the hall for some amazing skipping feats.  We discovered new moves, re-discovered and practiced old ones and learned that skipping for 5-minutes a day keeps you healthy. 
(Any parents signing up for ropes?)

After lunch we were back to our on-going DT project. Our paper mache helmets are taking shape and we should be ready to cut, customise and paint them next week.
Can't wait for us to try them on!

To end the day we showed off our talents at skipping with a special whole-school assembly.  There were so many skipping styles, it was hard to keep track ...
but one person here is doing a fine 'pretzel'.
Can you tell who?

What a smashing day!
Ms Soar

P.S. If you have learned or mastered any new
skipping moves, let us know here!  
(Also let us know the names of people who can do the 'pretzel' - parents included!)

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