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Our Anglo-Saxon Wow Day!
16 Apr 2018
HISTORY: Building Anglo-Saxon houses!
16 Apr 2018
ART: Anglo-Saxon Weaving
16 Apr 2018
Religious Education: Our visit to All Saint's Church in Highams Park
16 Apr 2018
SCIENCE WEEK: Wheels to school!
16 Apr 2018
SCIENCE WEEK: Kitchen Secrets!
14 Mar 2018
SCIENCE WEEK: The Fruit & Veg you eat!
14 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018
SCIENCE WEEK: Centre Of The Cell Assembly
11 Mar 2018
World BOOK Day 2018!
11 Mar 2018
4KC Maths Set: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
11 Mar 2018
Science Talk with Mr Lloyd
11 Mar 2018
4KC Maths Set: Right Angles
07 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018
SCIENCE: States Of Matter
06 Mar 2018
4KC Maths CUBE Challenge!
06 Mar 2018
P4C: Equality
06 Feb 2018
4KC Maths Set: P4C - MATHS during our holidays....
19 Jan 2018
ENGLISH/PE: Firebird Dance
17 Jan 2018
4KC ART: Frescos!
17 Jan 2018
4KC and 4EL swap dates for Bike ability
16 Jan 2018
PE @ Highams Park School
13 Jan 2018
ENGLISH/ART: Russian Folktale - Firebird Drawings
09 Jan 2018
Welcome to Spring Term 2018!
08 Jan 2018
Many Thanks!
26 Dec 2017
Ready For Christmas Lyrics!
15 Dec 2017
ENGLISH: Whole Class Poetry performance
15 Dec 2017
SCIENCE: Living Things
12 Dec 2017
P4C INTERNATIONAL DAY: Is it important to learn different languages and cultures?
11 Dec 2017
Hour of CODE in 4KC!
09 Dec 2017
Religious Education: Hinduism
09 Dec 2017
Children In Need Day 2017
07 Dec 2017
ART: Frescos!
07 Dec 2017
4KC Maths Set: Speed Challenge!
07 Dec 2017
International Day 2017
23 Nov 2017
Swing Dancing in Year 4!
21 Nov 2017
4KC Maths Set: Measuring
21 Nov 2017
COMPUTING: Coding Workshop
19 Nov 2017
PE Session with LEYON ORIENT!
19 Nov 2017
English/History: Recount of our trip to the Verulamium Park
18 Nov 2017
4KC Christmas Card Scheme Designs!
18 Nov 2017
4KC Maths Set Group Challenge
18 Nov 2017
Geography: Studying printed and electronic maps
18 Nov 2017
SCIENCE/MUSIC: Exploring Sounds.......
10 Nov 2017
Homework for Miss Lloyd's Maths set
13 Oct 2017
English: Romulus & Remus Character Descriptions
11 Oct 2017
P4C SCIENCE: What if sounds did not exist?
11 Oct 2017
Come in and see our 'Here Comes Frankie' work in Year 4!
11 Oct 2017
4KC History trip to the Verulamium Park in St Albans
09 Oct 2017
4KC Class Representatives 2017-2018!
30 Sep 2017
SCIENCE: Exploring Sounds.......
30 Sep 2017
P4C in 4KC!
30 Sep 2017
English/PSHE: 'Here Comes Frankie!' - Diary Entry: Exploring a character's thoughts and feelings through writing
29 Sep 2017
Re: Verulamium Park - Spending Money!
28 Sep 2017
'Here Comes Frankie!' - English/Drama/PSHE: Exploring a character's thoughts and feelings through drama
18 Sep 2017
'Here Comes Frankie!' - English/Art: Responding to text
18 Sep 2017
A fabulous start to the academic year! Well done 4KC!
14 Sep 2017
Welcome to 4KC 2017/18
10 Sep 2017






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History Project in Year 4

13 Nov 2015

Friday 13th November 2015
Dear Parents and Carers,
For the next 4 weeks, we would like your child to work on a project about a famous discovery, invention or inventor from the Victorian era. They need to find some information about the person, invention or discovery of their choice. This just needs to be at least 2 sides of an A4 sheet.  The project can take any form, eg; on a larger poster, powerpoint presentation, booklet or storyboard.  See down below for a list of possible suggestions (some are not British, but the inventions are a crucial part of our history.) We aim to present these projects to the rest of the class from 7th December onwards.

We will we only send home spellings for English homework during this time. The children need to return their work by Friday 4th December. If you need any further assistance with this, please come and see us over the next few days.
Many Thanks
Mrs Leftwich and Mrs Wilson
Inventions: Inventors: Discoveries:
Jelly Babies
Morse Code
The Easter Egg
Postage Stamps
The Telephone
Ice cream
The Post Box
Joseph Swann
Alexander Graham Bell
Charles Wheatstone
George Stephenson
Alexander Parkes
Thomas Edison
Isambard Kindom Brunel
Solutions for the Cholera Epidemic (John Snow)
Germ Theory (Louis Pasteur)

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