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10 Sep 2017






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The Prayer of Queen Boudicca

03 Dec 2016

The Prayer of Queen Boudicca

Help me fight, believe in me.
Hope defend me.Bow down trees and lead me.
Terrifying tribe defend me from those monsters.
Thunder and Lightening strike those Romans quick !
Sharpened swords defend me like a sabre toothed tiger hunting in the woods.

Fearless soldiers fight your way to victory !

Ellie,Rose,Kristina,George,Mia and Reuben

Trees bow down to me. Guide me to be the most powerful person.
My vicious and indestructible swords protect me and kill the Romans.
For our land and our riches, attack!
Strange lightening make the Romans into dust.
Gather around animals. Bow down to me. The horrible,vicious, furious Romans are coming so someone  help me !
Powerful lightening get those Romans, while I rule the world.

Freya,Tabitha,Ilyaas, Niamh,Luke

Swords and shields protect me.

Sharp swords drink some Roman blood while you let your Celts do their part.

Hard shields protect me from the Roman blades.

Whirling wind protect me like a shield but bigger than ever!

I am Boudicca Queen of the Celts.

Thundering army help me fight the rude Romans like the Scottish tribes.

Fight !


Ferne, Aaron B, Jibrael , Emma, Buba, Layla


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