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SCIENCE WEEK: Day 2 - Kitchen Secrets!
14 Mar 2018
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17 Jan 2018
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16 Jan 2018
PE @ Highams Park School
13 Jan 2018
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09 Jan 2018
Welcome to Spring Term 2018!
08 Jan 2018
Many Thanks!
26 Dec 2017
Ready For Christmas Lyrics!
15 Dec 2017
ENGLISH: Whole Class Poetry performance
15 Dec 2017
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12 Dec 2017
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11 Dec 2017
Hour of CODE in 4KC!
09 Dec 2017
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09 Dec 2017
Children In Need Day 2017
07 Dec 2017
ART: Frescos!
07 Dec 2017
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07 Dec 2017
International Day 2017
23 Nov 2017
Swing Dancing in Year 4!
21 Nov 2017
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21 Nov 2017
COMPUTING: Coding Workshop
19 Nov 2017
PE Session with LEYON ORIENT!
19 Nov 2017
English/History: Recount of our trip to the Verulamium Park
18 Nov 2017
4KC Christmas Card Scheme Designs!
18 Nov 2017
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18 Nov 2017
Geography: Studying printed and electronic maps
18 Nov 2017
SCIENCE/MUSIC: Exploring Sounds.......
10 Nov 2017
Homework for Miss Lloyd's Maths set
13 Oct 2017
English: Romulus & Remus Character Descriptions
11 Oct 2017
P4C SCIENCE: What if sounds did not exist?
11 Oct 2017
Come in and see our 'Here Comes Frankie' work in Year 4!
11 Oct 2017
4KC History trip to the Verulamium Park in St Albans
09 Oct 2017
4KC Class Representatives 2017-2018!
30 Sep 2017
SCIENCE: Exploring Sounds.......
30 Sep 2017
P4C in 4KC!
30 Sep 2017
English/PSHE: 'Here Comes Frankie!' - Diary Entry: Exploring a character's thoughts and feelings through writing
29 Sep 2017
Re: Verulamium Park - Spending Money!
28 Sep 2017
'Here Comes Frankie!' - English/Drama/PSHE: Exploring a character's thoughts and feelings through drama
18 Sep 2017
'Here Comes Frankie!' - English/Art: Responding to text
18 Sep 2017
A fabulous start to the academic year! Well done 4KC!
14 Sep 2017
Welcome to 4KC 2017/18
10 Sep 2017






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Big Write Winners October !

26 Sep 2016

 Year 4 have been studying myths and legends. For Big Write we had to pretend to be Opheus and retell his story. We hope you enjoy our stories.

    Orpheus and Eurydice

   In a far, far world full of mystery and ancient treasure, in Ancient Greece I was a sad person all my life.
   My name is Orpheus and I am a skilled musician. I have a magical lyre. It turns bad men into good men and tames the wildest of beasts!
   One day I met a beautiful girl. I was in love with her. Her name was Eurydice. I played my lyre and asked if I could marry her. She said, "Yes !" I was overjoyed!
So we got married and had a normal life. 
   One day Eurydice met a shepherd. She was scared of him so she ran off into the dark, gloomy, haunted, dangerous forest. She tripped over a log and got bitten by a snake.
    I said to Hades, "Can I please have my wife back ?"
 I begged.
   "Only if you go on a quest and don't look back !", shouted Hades.
 So I went off to complete my challenge and get Eurydice back.
   A few minutes later there was a huge door with chains locking it. So I played my lyre and the chains broke. Inside it was smelly and dark with slimy walls and a huge three headed dog named Cerberus. But I had a plan to play my lyre and keep on until I reached outside and shut the door.
    I  was eager to look back to see if Eurydice was O.K. A few minutes later a boat with two  men standing was waiting for us to give them some money to take us to the other side of the river. So we boarded the boat but big waves came. I played my magical lyre and the waves stopped. I looked back. She was still there. My heart was full of joy but she sank and I was sad. All my life I played sad music and that's my story.

By Ilyaas

     Hi! I'm Orpheus. I am going to tell you the story of my life. It all started when I went for a stroll in the park. I met the most beautiful woman called Eurydice. I didn't want to stop looking at her so I played my lyre and when she saw me she melted and we were married the very next day.
     But there was only one problem that Eurydice was terrified of the shepherd that lived right next to us! So the shepherd longed to talk to Eurydice . One day the shephed decided to chase her. He walked right up to Euydice and said , "Hello my name is ,,,,,,"  But before he could say it, Eurydice sped off and then tripped over a log and living there was an asp. She died.
     When I found out I was screaming with pain so I decided to travel to the underworld to save Eurydice.When I got there I begged Hades for Eurydice. He said, " Very well, but you must go home and as long as you don't look behind you Eurydice will follow."
I was so thankful that I hugged him.. I started on my journey home. I saw a gigantic house with a huge, metal bolt so I played my lyre.The big bolt crashed to the spiky grass. When I stepped in the  the room it was breathtaking.
      "Grrr!", I jumped and said, "What's that ?"
It was Cerberus a large, three headed dog. Luckily I had my lyre. I played it for a while. Is Cerberus asleep ? Yes he is. I thought. So I silently stepped over him. Next I hopped onto a tiny, wooden boat. Then some tiny hands grabbed the boat. I managed to poke them off with the stick that you row with. Then I suddenly looked back and Eurydice went down with it.

By Tabitha


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Fantastic well done !
Mrs Julia Kanji - 07 Oct 2016 - 22:26
It was realy good. I was so proud of Ilyaas
Mrs Rubeena Kureemun - 11 May 2017 - 21:08
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