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Describing settings

28 Oct 2016

What do you think of our descriptions ?

 In the enchanted forest there was a giant tree. In the tree there was a door. There was slippery moss everywhere and mushrooms sprouting out of the ground, The trees were making a pattern on the ground like a disco. The bridge was creaking as the wind pushed it back and forth.

 The doorknob winked at me like it wanted me to go in. I was so tempted to go in that I did,but I had to bend my back because the door was too small.

In the door it was dark there was just a single light hanging from the ceiling but it was full of fireflies instead. There was, there was a frame with a painting inside it was a picture of a .....hmmm, I couldn't tell what it was,but it had the head of a goat,the body of a tiger and its' tail...it ...it....it was a snake !

By Lydia

 In the dark forest was a spooky looking tree but to get to the spooky looking tree was a crickety,broken,wooden bridge.

 When I went on the wooden bridge it was leaning to both of the sides but I got across.
When I was at the spooky looking tree there was a miniature door inside of a bigger door and I looked in the door and saw a big eye looking at me and the person growled at me.

  The person opened the door and it wasn't a person it was a troll and the troll said growly,
 "Who are you ? Why are you here ?"

By Henry

In the middle of the mythical wood I saw a miniature doorknob shining at me. I saw a creaky bridge that led to a dwarfit house.

When I went to the ivy-taken house , it had a little light lantern which shone like a fire-fly. It kept moving side to side. It was silver with like a 3mm rope hung on the miniature door.

By the door shone a fady light. It was behind the ivy-taken house so I peeked by it. It smelt horrible like troll teeth which haven't been washed in weeks.

I found out the breath was surrounding a small , dolly like troll that was surrounded by a waterfall. The river shone like a gleam in the sunlight but I found out there was little coins in it. I gasped.....

Later I found out that it was not only English money, it was Chinese money,different kinds of money. They gleamed in the river.....
 "Oh no, " I said, " this is a disgrace, it belongs to a rotten, rascal thief ! "

By Emma


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