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We are Advertisers!

28 Feb 2014

During our IT lessons in year 5 we have been learning all about what it takes to be an effective Advertiser.  This includes:
  • Using persuasive language
  • Having a hook to captivate
  • Using humour effectively
  • Exaggerated language
  • Including important information (facts and figures)
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Technical accuracy: Focussed camera work
How many of these can you see in our finished adverts that link into our termly theme of "Wonderful Water"?  The pupils in 5HS have written some evaluations to get you started, but please feel free to login and leave your own thoughts and comments.








I think the advert that we did went well, having comical scenes without ruining the advert and persuasive language. We could have improved by adding extra information where you could buy a water bottle at local stores and what price it was. Also the camera could have been steadier and more focused on the person talking. As well as that our advert could have been a bit more realistic because all the scenes were set in the same place. (Harry and Emma) 

I would improve on speaking louder and using advert language to show that it’s an advert, and use persuavive language to make people make the right choices. Also to encourage adults to help save water and to pass the message on. (Sammy and Sophie)

Our video was unsuccessful because the music in the background was too loud, and because at one moment Luke was in the background poking his head into the picture, which though was funny, it distracted the audience from the message being said.(Irene)
Our video was unsuccessful because throughout the whole video the music was way too loud as we couldn’t hear half of what the actors said. Also Luke was poking his head out at the camera that did make the audience laugh, however after that the message was unclear.  If we were to do this again we would turn down the volume and tell Luke not to distract the audience. The music at the end was too loud as we couldn't hear the motto for our video


Kitty shouldn’t have said hello again in the second scene as it seemed like they were reacting to the first scene. We should’ve made it shorter because in some scenes it went on a long time. To make our advertisement better we definitely should’ve turned the music down, especially at the end because you couldn’t hear the slogan. Luke shouldn’t have waved in the background as the advert was supposed to be serious. The language was too soft at times and a bit too long. Also the camera sometimes went wonky.(Kitty and Luke)

I think our group could have done better with a little bit of music in the background. Next time I do this I will pick a different part and see if I am better at that. I think I did well because I think my voice was quite clear. The camera lady did well because you could see the whole scene. She did very well with keeping the camera straight as well. I think music would have been good (But not too loud) in the background. Also the parts could have been longer for everyone and the advert was a bit too long and we could have made it shorter and made it make a bit more sense. I think the camera lady was quite good at keeping the camera straight and not zooming in too much. (Ben and Alex)

I think that we could have tried to make sure that we could put less sound in the background because you could hardly theoretically hear what the speaker was saying in some things. The language was good but in some text we were speaking too soft or sometimes the camera was going a bit wonky. But when we tried to lighten up the situation of their hygiene by making Luke add some comedy and in truth everyone laughed but Jon said that we let our group down by that. I think that the music was too loud and you couldn’t hear what we were saying. Next time I would make it shorter, I think that the comedy in the background was stopping the important message from getting across. Also when we were interviewing Jill she kind of gave away that we went to the school because she said “You guys raised the money” and that kind of messed us up, but Jude did a rehearsal without her knowing and that was better than the real interview. I also think most of us had a very good advert.(Jerome and Agnes)

I think our advert went really well, the background noise was a bit too high though and we should have included the price and where to get it from. However we persuaded our audience to buy the water bottles. Our advert had a story line to it but we also had some real people giving their opinion of our product. We could have put the water bottle somewhere better instead of under Ella’s legs. We had a technical problem which was when we started too early and cut out the beginning of the next scene. We might have needed a bit more practice before we actually did the scene because we sometimes were a bit faulty.(Benito and Ella)

 I think that the water bottle advert was clear and smooth. It was very inventive and had clear sound but the view was not the best because some people had a leg cut out of the shot or half of them cut out.(Ruby)
I think that they had clear reading and I think that Agnes could have spoken a lot louder and the rest of them. But when Agnes was showing the toilets Luke was coming in and out and Luke was waving to the camera. (Surayah)


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I think that we did a really well with our adverts and as we went got to the last one they were even better. I especially enjoyed this project and the planning payed off Agnes
Mrs Jo Prosser - 03 Mar 2014 - 18:53
Really good teamwork and very professional results...I really enjoyed all the adverts.
Ms Elizabeth Mclean - 03 Mar 2014 - 20:14
This has been my favourite project yet and it was Quite funny and exciting!Maia
Ms Avril Lincoln - 31 Mar 2014 - 18:52
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