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5HS February Big Write Winners!

28 Feb 2016

This month we have been studying the
Myth of Pandora's Box.
For our Big Write, we retold the story from Pandora's point of view.
We hope you enjoy the winning stories!

   Pandora's Box
   Hello! My name is Pandora.  I was built by the mighty Zeus to send to my brave husband, Epimetheus.  Let me tell you my life story.
   It all started when Zeus punished my husband.  He was all alone until all the Gods invited me.  All the Gods put their qualities in me.  I was the most most appealing, charming woman in the whole world.  They sent me to Epimetheus.  We fell in love at first sight and he wasted no time ... He fell to his knees and said,
"I have nothing to offer, but will you marry me?"
And I obviously said, "Yes".
   One day Zeus sent us a diamond encrusted box with a piece of paper saying, 'Do not open!"  I couldn't resist!

   Every day my hunger to open the box increased.  I was walking around the box, staring at it. It was like it was talking to me, saying, "Open me, Pandora! You know you want to!"  But still I resisted it.  I snapped, screaming, "Let me open that box! I'm in pain waiting to open it."

   One day I was pulling my hair out, I was so frustrated.  
   One day, early in the morning, when Epimetheus was doing the gardening, I went up to the exulted box and pressed my hand on the cold lid.  I flicked it up just enough to peek inside.  I heard a beautiful harmony singing, "Release us from our ceaseless toil" repetitively.  I couldn't resist.  

   I slammed the lid open and curses, evil and screeches escaped.  I was devestated.  My husband ran in and dropped to the floor saying, "What have you done?"  
   I noticed a winged creature in the box.  Hope.  So now I know that no matter what evil or pain there is in the world, there will always be HOPE!

                                              by Gabriel

Image result for pandora's box greek myth

Pandora's Box
   I am the exquisite Pandora.  I am the most gorgeous woman ever to live.  Let me tell you then story of the peculiar box ...

   It all started long ago when Zeus commanded Hephaistus to create the first woman - Me!  All of the Godesses bestowed thier qualities on me.  The Gods gave me to the most handsome young God!  He probably thought I was amazing!  I don't like to boast but it's true!  The God's name was Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus.  Without an engagement ring, he wasted no time in asking me to be his wife!  Obviously I said. "Yes!"

   As well as all my superb qualities, I brought with me an obscure box.  Zeus had told me never, ever to open the oak box.  There was no doubt that I had to open the box or my curiosity would have swallowed me whole.

   "Husband, I must open the box because the contents of the box might make our lives even more amazing," I wailed.

   " I would love to open the box but Zeus commanded you never to open the box even if it does make us happier!  Let us be grateful with the life we already have!"  whispered my husband, Epimetheus.

   Cold.  Dark. My heart was growing cold and dark at the thought of the box.  But what I didnt' know was that the amazingly decorated box held a gargantuan, confidential secret!

   Every day my mind was telling me to open the box, however I could never bring myself to do it!  I even tried when Epimetheus was fast asleep with his pillow over his head but still I didn't want to leave him.

   One gloriously bright morning, Epimetheus went out to do some advanced gardening.  I crept downstairs  in a tip toe, hopefully quiet enough for Epimetheus not to hear the creaky staircase.  It probably was quiet enough because Epimetheus was still outside by the time I got downstairs. 

   Scared.  Could I bring my scared self to do it?  It was like my soul was being pulled out of me and put in the box.  I picked the confusing box up and placed my faltering hand on top of the golden clasp.  I opened it wide enough to peak inside.

   "Release us from our ceaseless toil," they said in perfect harmonies.  
   It was too tempting.  I opened it up fully and the songs turned into screams, shrieks and shouts.  All the evils of the world came out as the winged creatures escaped.  

   Life on Earth would never be the same!  The foce flung me back but I saw Hope.  Amazing Hope.  Hope.

                                                 by Xanthe



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Wow, just wow!
Ms Yioda Woolnough - 29 Feb 2016 - 20:52
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