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5HS BIG WRITE for April

07 Apr 2015

For the Big Write in April
we wrote a recount of our recent class trip:


At the workshop we had an instructor called Irene.  
She told us about Magna Carta, King John and the  
Barons.  She said Magna Carta means Great Charter and told us about Law, Liberty and Legacy.  Law means rules, Liberty means freedom and Legacy means the things that you leave behind.
Magna Carta changed England and some other countries around the world.  It was made 800 years ago in 1215 in the reign of King John.  He didn't actually sign it.  He sealed it with a seal.  The Barons forced him to agree with them in Runneymead.  
Irene said we could design our own seals.  I drew a picture of me being king.  A lot of people chose to do a football but I didn't.  
Then we went into another room to write about what happiness and misery are.  I put murder, cruelty and ingratitude for misery and obedience to the law, loyalty and freedom for happiness.  
We went to another room and we got a picture to find out about, like a quill, an axe and loads of different stuff.  I got the axe.  I got looking.  It took me ages to find it.  It was the executioners axe used for executions.  The axe didn't have any blood on it.  It might have been a replica or it might have been cleaned.  
In the final room Irene told us to write a statement about the Magna Carta.  She sealed it.  Then we saw the real one!
by Alastair

At the workshop we had a tour guide named Iren.  She told us about the three Ls: Law mean rules, Liberty means freedom and Legacy means things left behind.  It was very interesting and the Magna Carta has influenced people all over the world, from Ghandi to Nelson Mandela.
While our group was looking around, Irene told us to design our own seals.  I drew myself as queen with stars around me and a yellow brick road in front of me, leading me to a palace.  I loved filling out my booklet like when we had words at the top and we had to pick six words and put three in each category, which were happy and sad.
The Magna Carta agreement took place at Runneymeade when the Barons forced King John to sign because they had had enough of tax-paying, bread thieves and road tolls.
The Magna Carta has influenced Human Rights Laws in Britain, France, New Zealand, the United States of America and St Helena.
Seeing the Magna Carta was afterwards and it was written in Latin.
by Ava

At the British Library we all had a brilliant time.
First we started at Laws.  We talked to a man who knew all about it.  He asked us if we knew anything about the laws.  William put his hand up.  I thought he was very confident.
The next thing we did was a little quest.  We were given a close-up picture of a cartoon or we had to listen to an audio of a video on the headphones.  Me and Felix worked in a pair.  The first picture we got was a lady holding a banner while getting hung.
Next we went to look at the two real copies of the Magna Carta.  It was amazing to see something 800 years old and still counting.
Then after a long day we went back to school.
By Samuel

Image result for seals magna carta
In the workshop, we were led around my a friendly, quiet woman called Irene.  She handed out pieces of paper and pencils.  We had to find out what law, liberty and legacy were, although we took a long time to suss it all out.  
Soon after, Irene led us down some easy stone steps.  High above was a statue.  It looked like it was made of bronze and gold.  It was one of the Barons, Irene told us, however, it looked like a king to me!
Irene took us to see some seals.  They looked really sticky but they were suspiciously smooth when I got to touch it.  We were told to draw our own seals.  Irene told us that King John signed the Magna Carta, but with a seal. 
We were also shown a portrait of a very grumpy King John, and we saw a statue replica of his tomb.  It looked smooth and shiny.  Irene gave us a quiz to complete.  Ava and I answered the questions, and we looked around a bit more.
Our group were led to another room, where the countries were named.  I didn't know that Indian laws were inspired by the Magna Carta.
We finally got to see the Magna Carta!  It was amazing! The writing was in Latin so I couldn't understand it.  It was big and the writing was minute!  When I finally saw the Magna Carta, I felt pleased.  I couldn't believe it was the REAL COPY!
By Emily

Well done to our winners!

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