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Year 5HS Big Write for September

29 Sep 2014

Big Write
September 2014

Please read the stories
and let us know
what you think
at the end.
 by Avi
One day Zeus created me and he named me Pandora. He made me look exquisite.  I married Zeus' s cousin, Epimetheus.  Pandora means 'Gifted Woman'.
I was given a fairly big, dusty and heavy box.  I was chuffed that Zeus would trust me with it.  I was just thinking of opening it when he said, "Don't open it!"  But I was determined to discover what was inside ... Even I don't trust myself.
I couldn't even last a few days.  It was driving me up the wall!  I felt like bashing my head on the wall because I was really furious that I couldn't open it.  I really wanted to find out the magic and secret of what was inside the box.
I couldn't bear it any longer so I waited until Epimetheus was out and opened it.  I heard singing saying the same thing.
In an instant that was to change life forever, I was completely over-powered by all these things.  All these terrible things that were hated shot out of the box and all the evils of the world flew out of my box, scattering.
It will be dark and cold and will change everyone's life for all eternity.
However Hope was left in the box.


My name is Pandora, and I was claimed to be the prettiest woman.  The God, Hephaistos, who was in charge of fire, made me out of clay.  Each Goddess bestowed their gifts on me, and they are that I am beautiful, obedient and curious.
The King of the Gods, Zeus, handed me a small, cold, metal box.
"NEVER, EVER open it!" Zeus bellowed.  "Promise me or you will come to and end!"
I promised not to open it, but as it was placed in my hands, I knew someday I would have to open it.  Then he sent me to Epimetheus, God of Animals.  When Epimetheus saw me, he invited me in for something to eat and drink.  Then he whispered, "Will you be my wife?"
Once we had married, it wasn't long until I was longing to find out the mystery of the box.  Every day I would lay by it, staring at it.
After a while I couldn't bear it any longer.  It stung me not knowing what was inside it.  I waited until my husband was out working and I flicked the metal clasp ...
Suddenly, as if by magic, a million black-winged creatures flew out of my box.  The spat and snarled furiously.  I cried out, heaving my whole body on the cold, metal box that I now hated.
"No!" I cried.
All the horrid creatures flapped towards Earth, shrieking and growling.  My hands trembled.  All sickness, pain, poverty, envy and hatred encountered the Earth.
Wait! Hope was left in my box.  That will save them from despair.

My name is Pandora.  I was made by the mighty Gods of Olympus.  I am very beautiful and attractive.  The Goddesses gave me all my beauty.  I am married to  Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus.  He is very handsome and powerful.
I was given a mysterious box by Zeus.  This box was one of a kind.  It was 6 feet high with mumbling sounds inside.  I was told never to open it, ever, even if spirits murmured, "Open it or life will be destroyed for eternity."  I was so determined to find out what was inside.
Sooner or later it started to drive me crazy.  All I did was stare at the box 24/7.  I was getting frustrated and it was too much for my brain.
I had had enough now.  I waited  patiently  for my husband to go out.  Can you guess what I did?   Yes, I quickly opened the box.
Suddenly all destroying spirits spurted ou in an instant.  The power changed our lives upside down for eternity.
I felt bad.

Pandora is my name, meaning Gift of the Gods.  Zeus made me from a piece of clay, and then all the Goddesses bestowed all of their own qualities until I became a most exquiste being.  Then, sent by Zeus, I myself came across to Epimetheus's house.  After that he asked me to be his wife.
Zeus, Promethus's cousin, giving me the box, told me never to open the mischeivious thing.  Still, my tiny little heart was pounding, determined to unleash the mysterious things which were hidden in the wooden box.
Driving me mad, I almost started climbing up the wall, and my heart was getting duller and duller, not knowing what was inside the box.  Thinking to myself, "I have to see what is inside that box!"
I couldn't stand or bear it any longer, so waiting one day for when my husband was out working in the field, running my pale fingers over the box, I unleashed the secret and opened the box.
Despair, hunger, envy, poverty, sickness and illness came out of my box and one million winged creatures rose, spitting evil.  The room was left in darkness and mankind would never be free from the evil.
There was only one more winged creature which was left in the box to save humans from all evil.  That was Hope.

Thank you for reading our stories.

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WOW!! Amazing recounts of the story Well done to all
Mrs Anita Shah - 30 Sep 2014 - 14:51
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