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Y5HS Poetry

21 Jun 2015

Year 5HS have been writing their own group poems
based on well-known fairy tales.
Have a read and let us know what you think!

Little Miss Sleepy
Little Miss Sleepy
Was very weepy
She didn’t have a prince.
Her prince was in bed,
Cuddling his Ted,
So she got a pup instead.
Little Miss Sleepy
Wasn’t weepy
‘Coz the pup
Had cheered her up.
The princess was mad.
The princess was sad.
He wouldn’t wake up,
So to make her happy
She squeezed her pup.
Little Miss Sleepy was reading a book.
She took a long look.
The book was of fairies.
She read some more …
And found out …
She needed to kiss her prince.
She kissed the prince.
He kept on snoring,
Which got kinda boring,
So she went to cry,
“Oh, why?  Oh, why?
Don’t I have a prince?”
Little Miss Sleepy
Was very weepy
Because she finally had enough.
Her prince didn’t wake up
So she thought she’d marry the pup!
By Charlotte and Skye

   Little Red
There was once a girl named Little Red.
One day her mum called down and said,
“Take these fruits to your Grandma, sick in bed.”
So she skipped into the wood
And she met a wolf who said, “Pick some flowers
They smell really good.”
When she was done,
She continued to skip along.
It took a while but
She got to Grandma’s house with a smile.
She walked in and gasped
Then fell on her shin.
Once she got back up,
She said, “Grandma, what’s up?”
Then Little Red added and said,
“Oh, Grandma, what big eyes you have.”
Then Grandma says,
“All the better to eat you with!”
“Oh, Grandma: What big ears you have.”
“All the better to hear you with!”
“Oh, Grandma: What big teeth you have.”
Then the Grandma says,
“All the better to eat you with!”
By Rheya, Ci-Anne and Millie

Image result for cinderella glass slipper 
There was a girl.  Her name was Cinderella.
But everyone just called her Ella.
Ella had a step-sister.  She was called Bella.
Her other step-sister was called Jemma.
Her step-mum was called Chloe
And the cat was called Zoe.
She did all the cleaning.
She did not sleeeeeep –in!
One day she wanted to go to the Ball.
She never would fall.
The mice turned into a horse.
The pumpkin turned into a carriage, of course.
Ella had two glass slippers and a pretty dress.
She did her best to impress …
By Shaakirah

The Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread man,
Gingerbread man
Was made by the T-Rex man.
Then he ran away.
There was a big chase …
With the old woman man,
The chicken man,
The fox man,
The elephant man
And the T-Rex man.
Soon they all got a tan
And brought a can
From the van …
While following the Gingerbread man!
By Kingsley, Oliver, Giorgio and Avi

 The Mistake is the Take
Rumplestiltskin was cruel and greedy.
He took money from the poor and needy.
All of this trouble to guess his name.
It was all part of his little game.
Dirty as coal, cold-hearted as a villain.
The tale is cruel.
The foe is a fool.
Rumple’s name was guessed.
The beautiful princess was blessed.
Dirty as coal, cold-hearted as a villain.
The princess was happy.
The straw stayed gold.
The knights stayed courageous and bold.
Taking was Rumple’s game,
Until the princess guessed his name.
Dirty as coal, cold-hearted as a villain.
Sir Rumple never came back again!
By Sophie, Aimee and Emily A.
Image result for the little mermaid
Little fish with lobster and crab
The lobster and the crab had a shout
To find a little mermaid
But the crab was busy in the cab
So they didn’t know how to find one.
The crab made an electric map
But they didn’t know how to work it
So the lobster and the crab sang
A happy song and this is how it goes …
Under the sea, under the sea.
Oh! God it’s better if I don’t go to the surface
Because the crab is working in the lab
And the fishes are swimming about
With no anger and doubt
Under the sea.
Five years later
The lobster and the crab and a mermaid
Met on a plate and
Had a debate
Under the sea.
By Samuel, Felix and Alastair

Image result for pied piper of hamelin and rats  
Anti-Rat Man with a flute
(aka The Pied Piper of Hamlin)
Sup people?
This is the story of anti-rat man with a flute.
Every time he’s on the job,
He wears his yellow lucky suit.
But one day a gang of rats came to town,
Over one million and two.
‘Though luckily anti-rat man had his trusty flu-te!
He blew and blew on his flute
But there was no sound
And that’s because his trust flute
Was the wrong way round!
Because anti-rat man was trying to figure
Out what happened to his flute,
It gave the rats enough time to find
Nuclear stuff,
And turn the rats into Nuclear Buffs.
The anti-rat man switch to gun mode on his flute
And blew three rats away
Which scared the other rats away
So now you’ll never see mutated rats today!
By William and Eli

There was an old King who was loaded with bling.
He met an old Queen who turned really mean.
The bad tempered old Queenie has a sweet baby.
Skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood
Who she treated like mud.
Soon the old King died and
Snowy had no-one by her side.
Mirror Mirror on the wall … Who’s the fairest of them all?
Snowy was banished to the wood
And that’s all she really could.
She cried and cried and sighed and sighed.
Poor little Snowy, she was alowy.
It was dark and scary and horrible and airy.
She went on and on until she came to Jon
Who was the son of Sneezy
Who was very wheezy.
Mirror Mirror on the wall … Who’s the fairest of them all?
The mean old Queen was as angry as could be
To see her little Miss S wasn’t in the slightest mess.
The Queen disguised herself and,
Not thinking about her health,
Gave her an apple.
Snowy was baffled.
Crash! Bang! Drop!
Ken ran and …
Mirror Mirror on the wall … Who’s the fairest of them all?
By Nyssa, Ava, Olivia and Emily P


Image result for three little pigs

Bacon, Burnt Chicken, Steak
Three little pigs built their houses
(By killing their friends).
The first one was the weakest one – was bacon.
The second weakest one was steak.
The strongest one was chicken.
The wolf came and says,
“This will be my dinner – bacon.”
Then he went to the next house.
“I will eat this house down
But I will bring my two brothers.”
Bacon, Burnt Chicken, Steak
Bacon, Burnt Chicken, Steak
Bacon, Burnt Chicken, Steak
By Rowan, Rory, Charlie and George

Once upon an oink …
Hi! This is the story of the Piggiwigs
Of the Forest of Figs.
There was once three pigs who
Wanted to build
Who belonged to the Master
Builder’s Guild.
They got some matchsticks and
Some straw which was hard to find.
So they all built a house out of Lego.
They built it near a wolf’s house
So they built it as quiet as a mouse.
When they finished and had the chance,
They began to dance.
Then out came the wolf and …
Ate all the pigs.
Num! Yum!
By Tyriek and Matty

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