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5HS Big Write Winners for January

28 Jan 2016

Every single person in 5HS
wrote an amazing Fable based on
'The Tortoise and the Elephant' story.
 It was incredibly hard, therefore,
to select winners.  
These are two of the greats!
 Image result for tortoise sketch
The Tortoise and the Elephant
by Spike
Once upon a time there was a colossal castle in a village near the forest.  In there lived a kind king who was ill.  Many medicine men tried to cure him with different remedies but they couldn’t heal him.
So the medicine man had to call the scary Herbalist from the evil forest to try and make the king feel better.
 The Herbalist said to capture a big elephant to make a potion made out of elephant body parts.
Now it’s very difficult to capture a big elephant and not everybody would be able to do it.  So the king promised to give a prize away which was half of his kingdom and a daughter as a bride.
Tortoise accepted the challenge to capture the elephant but before he left he asked for a pit to be dug.  Next he wanted it to be covered with raffia mats and a throne put on top of it. 
After that he went to the forest and he asked his fellow animals to help him find the elephant. 
When Tortoise found the elephant he told him he was a king and he needed to go to the village. 
On the way Tortoise gave him cake to eat and sang beautiful songs to celebrate and the people joined them so that the elephant believed he was king.
When they arrived at the village the elephant ran to the throne and sat on it but when he sat on it he fell down into the pit.  The king’s warriors rushed to kill the elephant and cut him into pieces to make the elephant potion. 
The king took the potion and got well so the king gave Tortoise the prize he had promised.
 Image result for tortoise sketch
The Elephant and the Tortoise
by Zahra
Long ago in a land where animals could talk, there was a kingdom with a king who was good and kind.
One day he fell terribly ill and was at the point of death.  His medicine men (Mike and Samuel) could not find any cure.  The looked all over the kingdom, other parts of the country and even the other side of the world but there was still nothing they could do.
Three days later, the men came rushing into the room shouting, “Sire! Sire!”
“Yes,” said the king.
“We think we know what to do!” they said.
“Really?  What?” the king said, jumping from his throne.
“We could call Ikumejakako the wise herbalist,” they said.
“Great idea.  Please inform the guards to find him,” said the king.
The medicine men left the room.
“Ahh,” sighed the king. “I hope he has a cure.”
Three hours later the guards came back with the wise herbalist.
“Hello there.  You must be Ikumejakako, the wise herbalist,” said the king.
“Indeed I am.  And how may I help you, your Highness?” answered Ikumejakako.
“Well, I’m terribly ill and was hoping you would have a cure,” said the king.
“Hmm.”  Ikumejakako took a closer look.  “The only cure for this illness is Elephant Soup.”
“Where are we going to get an elephant from?” said one of the herbalists.
“I shall make an announcement tomorrow morning,” said the king.
The next morning the king made his announcement.
“Anyone who can get me an elephant will be rewarded half the village and my daughter.”
A few minutes later a tortoise came and said, “I accept your challenge but I have one request.  I need you to dig a pit with a throne on it with raffia mats.”
“Ok,” said the king with a sneeze.
The tortoise made his way into the forest to see his animal friends, Tiger and Leopard.  Tiger was in a hammock having a drink and Leopard was in the shade.
“Hello!” shouted Tortoise.
Tiger fell from the hammock.
“Hey Tortoise,” said Leopard.
“What brings you here?” asked Tiger.
“I need your help.”  And the tortoise explained everything.
“Ok.  Bye Tortoise,” said Tiger.
The tortoise walked to find the elephant and found him lying in the shade.
“Hello there,” said Tortoise.
“What do you want Tortoise? I don’t like being disturbed,” said Elephant.
“Haven’t you heard the news?” he asked.
“What news?” said Elephant.
“The king is dead and the elders want you to be king,” said Tortoise.
“Don’t be ridiculous Tortoise.  Why would they want an ugly old elephant like me to be king?”
“Well it’s true.  Look!” said Tortoise as he gave him an Akara ball … then another and another.  Elephant started to follow him.
When they finally got to the village everyone came out of their houses and started singing famous Coronation songs.  They led the elephant to the palace where he sat on the throne, fell into the pit and the soldiers ran in and butchered him!
A few minutes later the chef entered and gave the king his soup.
“Wow! I’m feeling much better.  In fact I’m so well, I feel like a party!”
They had a great big party and the medicine men tried to turn the tortoise into a human but accidentally turned him into a pink, fluffy unicorn and he started singing, “Pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows.”
After half an hour of singing, the spell on the tortoise wore off and he turned into a human.
The next day there was a huge, huge wedding between the tortoise and the princess.
Moral: Never trust an unexpected guest!

                                                         Image result for tortoise sketch

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