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26 Jan 2014

Philosophy for Children

This week we were delighted to welcome back
Jason Buckley, The Philosophy Man.

We worked together to discuss issues related
to our topic: Water.

First we worked in groups to decide which
were reasonable ways to ask people to save water.

Ask us which ways we thing are unreasonable.

Next we watched part of a short film entitled: 
'Who owns the Sky?"
(The BBC adapted this film from Jason Buckley's story, 'The Water Catchers')

This film explores the concept of ownership of natural resources

and whether they can be shared, and even stolen.

It encourages children to consider if and how natural resources like water can be owned and what happens when one community benefits from it at the expense of another.

Ask us what happened in the story so far.

After that we discussed the following questions: 
Have the farmers stolen the water?
Who owns the river?
Who owns the fish in the river?

What do you think and why?

We are looking forward to further in-depth discussions
over the next few weeks.

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