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Remembrance Day

10 Nov 2013

Remembrance Day Poems

The  day the poppies grew
I wear  my  poppy  red and proud,
On the eleventh  day of the eleventh month,
I bow my head to the noise and loud.
The great,the brave,
Who lie down  their  lives to us,
I think now of the prison slaves
Who died in vain of the enemy who killed.
Picturing back to myself the war is on,
Ruff rubble and mud,bullets screaming, I hated that sound.
The tension the last breath as they lay upon.
But that is over the hated sound
Evil spirits spiral around,
I lay my head on the beloved and friend.
Where the poppies grew,
I do it again to remember them.
                                                 By Ella .M

Everyone in war 11 of November,
For those families will remember,
All who have fallen,
Where the poppies are surrounded on Flanders Fields,
And also the shields of many,
Blood is poured,
Now everyone has fought ,
They share their thoughts,
Everyone will pray,
Everyday people will pay,
On Flanders Fields where they’ve been overtaken,
They will not be forsaken!

By Jude

My death.
From unpleasant trenches
To the no-man's land.
From right at the front to the back of the crowd.
I hear heaven bells ringing
And heaven choirs singing.
The poppies grow around my body.
The war isn't good.
Families ripped.
My friends around me.
Wish I didn't have to go.
Have to go to heaven.
I hear heaven bells ringing.
And heaven's choir singing.
Good-bye sky,
Friends and families.
Good-bye world.
Hello death. 

By Alex

Remembrance day is for thinking.  
Everyone needs to be kind.  
Memory is very important.
Eleventh is the day, the month and hour.  
Men being covered in blood is not a nice sight.  
Bet you don't want to be in that state.  
Raining when you're in your trenches is horrid.  
At Flanders Field you will not like it.  
November's the month.
Clever men's lives are gone.  
Elderly parents are very upset.  
A day for all of you to remember.
Put your poppies on.  
A time to remember, to show some respect.
We're in November.
By Danae

Flander's Field  
In Flander's Field poppies grow
in rain, wind, sun or snow.
Brave men in the war.
Now a day even more.
The war was filled with blood and gore.
Right now it is the 11th of November.  
Today is the day to remember.  
The soldiers are out in the battle.  
Their keep-sakes are their babies rattle.  
By Carrie.

Today we remembered those who died in war.
We offered our poems in memory of these brave men.
  Ella and Jude read their poems to the school with respect.
We listened to this song after our minute's silence. 

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gYQELSJYnPo/TftHCB8AL-I/AAAAAAAAAy8/pTmvar2txS4/s1600/wild_poppies.jpg


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I loved reading out my own poem in assembly but always remember that war.I was scared that no-one would understand it because it's in an old style.Also I loved Alex's poem it really made me think. Ella x
Ms Jane Blackborow - 14 Dec 2013 - 17:53
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